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Bay is getting poor
side of housing deal

What is going on?
Canterbury City Council wants Herne Bay to have another 2,000 new homes built. How
many Herne Bay people will live in them, and what does it do for the people
that live here?

We have had our
share of developments: Talmead, Neville Road, Barnes Way, Sea Street, Dence
Park, two lots in Kings Road, and Town Court, just to name a few. Some of these
have been built on brownfield sites and have made the town look better, more
could be built this way, leaving our green fields alone, but of course
Canterbury City Council don’t get their big handouts for doing it that way.

Canterbury City
Council has said Whitstable and Canterbury are last on their list for
development, why? While they are getting the money, they do not want it there
so we have to have it at Herne Bay. Herne Bay has become the dumping ground,
and all investment goes to Canterbury.

Why is the money
going to the Sturry crossing, how often do any of us in Herne Bay use that bit
of road? I can only see Canterbury City Council are taking off us our green and
pleasant land, and yet again giving nothing in return. Herne Bay roads are full
of pot holes, I can’t see much going on in the way of repairs, yet the money is
needed for Canterbury. Two of these sites are farmland why are we taking away
arable farmland and allotments to put houses on, don’t we need to grow food

Shame on you
Canterbury City Council!

Brenda Jones, Herne

HB Times letters
30th May 2013

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