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Local Plan: concerns need to be addressed

THE Rev Paul Wilson, of Whitstable Baptist Church, appealed to the council to “pause to get things right.” He said:

“Above all, the Local Plan needs to be community-led, community-devised and community-tested. We need a plan we can be sure is the community’s preferred option – not telling people, but involving people. Community concerns need to be recognised and addressed, including the possible over-reliance on consultants’ reports and testing. The draft Local Plan represents an incredible balancing act but it needs more community assessment. I suggest a forum of community representatives from civic societies. community groups and chambers of commerce to test it first.”

Christina Astin, who is head of science at the King’s School, was concerned about the size of the proposed development in south Canterbury and its effect on the setting of the city.

Chairman of Harbledown and Rough Common Parish Council Janet Larkinson feared the plan could mean the resurrection of the Park and Ride site in Faulkner’s Lane and urged the council to expand Wincheap first.

Dick Eburne, from Herne Bay, said new homes would generate more traffic and much more needed to be invested in public transport. He also ruled out Bullockstone Road as a relief road and said Herne needed a bypass whether the plan was approved or not.

HB Gazette 16th May 2013

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