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Litter event highlights the blight… and the cost

Litter event

Getting to the core of the problem…

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PEOPLE dressed up as an empty fizzy-drink can and an apple core were among the sights in Herne Bay during an event to highlight the issue of litter.

Put together by the city council and Serco, it was held in Wimereux Gardens to demonstrate the amount of litter that is picked up across the district and how much it costs taxpayers.

The ‘grime scene investigation’ featured a giant tank containing just a small sample of the amount of litter collected by Serco as it cleans the streets every day.

The city council says it spends £1.5 million and almost 10,000 hours each year keeping the district tidy.

Every month, an estimated 87 tonnes of litter is picked up – enough to fill six double-decker buses – with the most common items being take-away and fast-food packaging, cigarette ends and paraphernalia, sweet wrappers and drink cans.

Council and Serco staff were joined by councillors to talk about the work that takes place on litter-cleaning.

Visitors had the chance to enter a competition to win £50 of high-street vouchers.

Rosemary Doyle, the council’s executive member for the environment, said: “People we spoke to were amazed how much money we spend on litter alone. Everyone agreed that it’s far too much and that there are better things we could be doing with our limited funds.

“There’s a very simple message, which is that people should either find a bin or take their rubbish home with them. It will help improve the environment and allow us to put money into services that are really needed.”

Geoff Dunne, Serco contract manager, said” ” Litter is a national blight, but in Canterbury we are all working hard to raise awareness. Together we can try to reverse the trend and get people to stop the drop.”

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