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Lib Dems oppose museum cuts

The Conservative councillors currently running Canterbury City Council seem determined to close some of our most loved and culturally important local museums. They are blaming cuts in grants from central government, but in reality government funding to Canterbury City Council increased by 2.4% this year. These cuts have been specifically chosen by the Conservatives. It is a matter of making choices – they are simply making the wrong ones.

I believe the majority of your readers would rather cut the £20,000 the Conservatives are giving to the Open Golf at Sandwich rather than see our local museums close. Local Lib Dem councillors have been fighting to keep services open wherever possible and prefer to find savings through making the council more efficient.

At the council meeting on Thursday, February 18th, I will be putting forward a raft of carefully costed Lib Dem proposals that will keep the Roman Museum, the Westgate Towers and the Westgate Hall open for everyone to enjoy. Why not come along and hear the debate? It’s in the Guildhall, next to the Westgate Towers, at 7pm.

Cllr Alex Perkins, leader, Lib Dems, Canterbury City Council, Cambridge Road, Canterbury

Herne Bay Gazette, February 4th 2010

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