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Trevor Cartner and Chris Musgrave

Letter to Discovery Park

Discovery Park (Trevor Cartner and Chris Musgrave) now own 80% of the Manston site, and Ann Gloag is a minority shareholder. In a better world, TDC would now be talking to Discovery Park about their plans, in the hope of conjuring the best possible deal for Thanet. In practice, TDC are still fixated on the idea of CPO-ing the site on behalf of RiverOak so that they can run it as a freight hub.

Unfortunately, the only attention that Discovery Park seem to have received so far is a rather presumptuous letter from the Save Manston Gang, telling them what they can and should do with their property. In the interests of them having a more balanced view, we thought we would drop them a line, and copy it to some TDC bigwigs (Mr Boyle is their legal beagle).

Dear Ms Homer and Mr Boyle,

Please find attached a letter to Messrs Cartner and Musgrave about future development at their brownfield site at Manston. We thought you might find it useful as a counterbalance to the letter sent by Dr Beau Webber on behalf of the various groups who want to see an airport developed at Manston.

We are very surprised by the enthusiastic and one-sided support that many Councillors have shown for a cargo hub to be developed at Manston by an untested and inexperienced (in airport operating terms) business partner. Could you let me know when talks will begin with the site’s owners about their plans for the site? You will know that, without “exhaustive” talks with the owners about their plans for the site, the Council is not in a position to progress a CPO.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Read the letter here: Cartner Musgrave Letter 11 Oct 2014

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  1. Thanet Resident

    The above letter is a brilliant true summarisation based on the facts. The majority of those SMA protestors are not local residents. All the main antagonists, names mentioned above, live out of Thanet and do not represent the local residents views and worries. Some being NIMBY’S from the North and West of Kent that do not want the London airports further developed because it will disturb them!!! They are telling local residents that having an airport at Manston would stop new homes being built for the unwanted elements in society! That they would be able to fly off to sunny climes from a Freight Airport!! That thousands of jobs would be instantly created if it reopened! No wonder why people sign their petitions. No facts included because it is all just lies. In their desperation and the falseness they spread to fool everyone they have managed to convince the leader of TDC that this would be best for Thanet residents! Their attempts to order a CPO on the site to sell the Thanet Freehold to an American company set up just for this reason and which has no track record is just unbelievable, but the Council leader is happily running along with it regardless and wasting tax-payers money as she goes. Certainly trying to make a name for herself, as in line with some previous fallen egotistical leaders. She has made an about-turn on the Labour stance with the airport and is not listening to the real local people. Iris Johnston needs to reign in her CPO support and start proper talks with the credible new owners to reach an outcome which is Good for Thanet residents, and not those protesters from afar with their own agenda.I am pleased that someone is actually making efforts for Thanet Residents best interests. Indusrty, jobs

  2. Local Business Woman

    So the new owners want to develop the site for manufacturing, for industrial use, for community services and for housing. They reckon that they’ll create 4,000 jobs. Now, we’ve all heard the exaggerated tosh from various Manston airport owners over the years about job creation. If those promises weren’t just hot air, we would have had thousands and thousands of jobs at the airport now, instead of the airport being shut because it lost 10,000 a day and it closing having created a paltry 144 jobs (not all full-time jobs at that) in fifteen years. Obviously, we need to take the latest jobs promise with a pinch of salt – we’re not daft. However, and here’s where it’s different, these two guys have already developed a very successful site along similar lines to their plans for Manston. It has created thousands of jobs. They’re also redeveloping Discovery Park, the old Pfizer site, and have brought in and/or created 800 jobs in two years – an order of magnitude more than Manston ever managed. And yet we have a Labour Council working doggedly to take the Manston site away from these guys and to hand it over to an American private equity firm which has never run an airport, so that these financiers can develop the site as a cargo airport. Has the Council spent time with the new owners talking about their plans for job creation? Nope. Have they rushed to see the new owners to make it clear to them that this area needs jobs? Nope. All their energy is going on taking the site away from people who have created jobs here in Kent and handing it over to American money men who have never run a business in the UK, much less a cargo hub. You couldn’t make it up. What the hell is going on?

  3. A very informative document, thank you for acting on my behalf and that of so many people living in this area. I’m sure a much more constructive use of this site can be made than that of a repeatedly failing airport.