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Large pearl discovered in oyster bought on the isle


David Redfearn discovered a peal

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A SEAFOOD lover was shocked to discover a large pearl while tucking into an oyster at Manning’s Seafood stall in Margate

David Redfern who lives in Broomfield, near Herne visits Margate weekly to shop for seafood where he usually buys whelks and when available, oysters.  He said “they are particularly good oysters at Manning’s. I have been eating them for about 50 years at various places. 

“I lived in Falmouth for ten years where, like Whitstable, you can get English natives. Manning’s sell the pacific oysters.”

He said “In all that time of oyster gobbling, I had a pearl once in Falmouth in 1997 which was very small. Four weeks ago, I had four oysters at Mannings and found a rather large pearl in it. At this rate, its going to take me some time to make up a necklace, I might make a pair of earrings if I’m lucky, but at 73, don’t really think it likely at this rate of discovery!”

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