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Lack of flights was terminal for airport

REGARDING all the letters of support for Manston in your paper, would I be right it thinking that, for it to be profitable, there would need to be considerably more aircraft using the airport than a couple of noisy cargo planes which, when the wind is in the east, are deafening over Herne Bay? The previous owner wanted to inflict this on us at night-time as well, using aircraft which, I am told, Heathrow would not take. I would like to know just how many more planes we would get flying over our heads before Mansion becomes a going concern. All the residents in these areas have my sympathy as I don’t suppose they find it easy to move if they don’t like the noise. As much as I have sympathy for those losing their jobs, this situation has been looming for many years now and I would have tried to find more secure employment, rather than hoping someone would rescue me. If it isn’t going to make money than they won’t!

S Haine (Mrs), By e-mail

Herne Bay Times, June 25th 2014

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