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King’s Hall wins the People’s Millions

RESULT! The King’s Hall is in line for £49,970 worth of rejuvenation, courtesy of the People’s Millions.

The project will see students and staff of Canterbury College work with Herne Bay Conservation Trust to rejuvenate an Edwardian historic building, the King’s Hall, overlooking the sea on the Downs at Herne Bay.

Students still seeking employment will gain two additional qualifications working on the project in scaffolding and Health and Safety. When completed, the old theatre foyer will provide an exhibition space and a cultural centre which the entrant states the town badly needs.

It will be used by students and local groups to showcase work in sculpture, art, photography and the College’s music students offer weekend performances.

Posted by mctrout on 23 Nov 2010
This would be a wonderful opportunity to make greater use of this splendid Edwardian building and rejuvenate the foyer area to create a more attractive community space.

Posted by The_Pitts on 23 Nov 2010
Herne Bay is in dire need of good community spaces. This project will provide an excellent venue for local organisations and the community as a whole.

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