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KIACC meeting

There will be a “meeting in public” of KIACC (the airport consultative committee) on Friday 21st October. The time has yet to be confirmed, but in will be in the evening, after they’ve had their “meeting in private”, probably starting some time between 6pm and 8pm.

Full details will be posted here as soon as they’re made public.

We are expecting Charles Buchanan, Cllr Bob Bayford, Madeline Homer, and a host of other local celebrities!

It is now traditional to wear a red item of clothing if you are against night flights.

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  1. Front for Red Clowns

    I understand that a guest appearance of a clown in red will be attending this meeting? If other official clowns are attending – this one can be readily identified as the official clown as he/she will have a TDC sign attached to Her/His front.Posted by the official front for Red Clowns (not to be confused with the Red Clown front)

  2. Denis Cannon

    Official or Provisional Front for Red Clowns ?

  3. Denis Cannon

    Damn I didn't notice you'd already posted official. Maybe you should set up a splinter group !

  4. Front for Red Clowns

    DenisNot of course to be confused with the front of Red clowns

  5. Red kipper tie front for red clowns

    My understanding is that our rep will be attending as an official TDC clown – that is a Thanet De-constructionist Clown.