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KIACC 21st October

Friday 21st October 2011, 7pm
Airport Departure Lounge, Manston Airport


  1. Chairman’s welcome & opening
  2. Minutes of last meeting
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Short presentations from Community Fund recipients
  5. Report from the Airport Management (Charles Buchanan, CEO Manston Airport)
  6. The Leader of Thanet District Council, Cllr Bayford has been invited to address the meeting at this point
  7. Opportunity for comments from the Public

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  1. Wellington Clam

    Lots of airport workers in the seats then? Oh how we laughed at Infertils "we have thrown 40 million into the Airport (most of that, tax payers money) at the airport, which brings us neatly to a an Old Jedi saying " whose the more foolish, the fool or the fool following him" One for TDC and Bob to ponder.

  2. Bewildered of Broadstairs

    Was the very vocal 'loony' at the beginning of the meeting one of your loyal supporters?

  3. I would be very careful who you call a loony – bewildered of BroadstairsMalcolm (the real one)

  4. Susan Kennedy

    Bewildered of BroadstairsAs someone who sits on the NNF committee, I can say that I personally don't know who that was. NNF as a group has as its supporters thousands of people who are opposed to night flights. As a committee we can't and don't direct the actions of all those individuals. In agreement with other members of the audience who voiced this view, I don't think his behaviour was appropriate but I do recognise the emotion and understand the feelings expressed.

  5. local resident

    Manston Airport Consultative Committee was set up as a forum to discuss issues relating to the airport development. Members include:- the Airport operators, Thanet District Council, Kent County Council, and representatives of the local communityIt is meant to be a help in resolving problems that may arise from any of the areas represented

  6. Wellington Clam

    Local residentIt never actually achieved much as it was politically neutered.One of the reasons MAG resigned was due to the significant failure to monitor and deal with complaints and what's more if anyone can be bothered to look the AWP notes up, TDC admits this. The CC stitch up will happen if the locals do not get in now and make sure we are properly represented and more balance is added to the CC instead of a develop at any cost club

  7. Den Ramsgate

    Everyone keep onto your local councillors to have NO night flights other than emergency and humanitarian. Let's keep the pressure on to have PEACEFUL NIGHTS as an option. They seem to be trying to get a foot in the door (bigger than the one alrready there) and increase it more and more.Also a nice varied stream of letters to the local paper helps. The bloke who blew his top at the meeting probably said what we feel… but we gotta play the civilised game and be more effective. Keep on at the councillors, remind them of what they said at election time.NO TO NIGHT FLIGHTS!