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Kentish Apples

Can you put a name to every apple growing in your garden? How about every apple in your neighbour’s garden?”

What about some of the old Kent varieties such as Kentish Fillbasket known to around pre 1820’s a late cooking apple, large with red stripes which cooks to a sweet light puree. Or Kentish Quarrenden a late dessert variety pre 1930’s dark maroon in colour with sweet nutty, jucy, cream flesh.

The more modern variety named  Kent ( syn. Malling Kent)  was bred at East Malling Research Station in 1949 by Mr H.M.Tydeman  and introduced to the market in 1974. It is a cross between Cox’s Orange Pippin & Jonathan. It is a late keeping desert variety which mellows to become sweet and quite scented in the New Year somewhat like it’s Cox parent but has a tougher dark red skin reminiscent of its Jonathan background.

Who remembers the Russet apples? Lovely with homemade chutney and crumbly cheese – yum! yum!

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