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Keep the government in charge of things

I WISH in brief to mention two things: libraries and privacy.
Firstly, I object to the proposal of running libraries by trusts. There would be insufficient accountability with no guarantee the library would remain open. As for volunteer, working in a library, I have no problem, provided (a) they are not stepping into positions from which library staff have been removed, and (b) there are appropriate library staff beside them at all times. My second point is the Counter Terrorism and Security Bill, as discussed by Jullan Braziers last week. First, I think there is legislation already in place to make the proposed CT&S Bill unnecesary, and secondly if it is indeed necessary then we must demand it is, now and for ever more, operated by the government, and not farmed out to private contractors like G4S (One of which ‘s operatives was sheepishly standing beside his security van in Whitstable High Street two or three weeks ago having locked himself out at his vehicle).
My concerns are that personal and private informatlon could all too easily be bought, traded, or shared by private firms.

Peter Cronin-Hill, Whitstable

Herne Bay Times, January 28th 2015

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