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KCC Elections

On May 2nd you’ll have the chance to choose the people you want to represent you on Kent County Council. First out of the blocks are our two local Independent candidates – John Moore and Stan Truelove.

I must confess to having a great fondness for Independent candidates, on principle (I stood as one in the last District elections in 2011). Being an Independent candidate means that you don’t owe allegiance to any particular party, and you’re free to do the job you were elected to do – representing the people in your constituency. You don’t have to toe a party line, and you’re free to speak out on the issues that matter to your people.

Most of the (non-Independent) political parties conjure up a manifesto of vague promises that they think will be popular, and present it to the voters as a package deal – take it or leave it. In contrast, John and Stan are starting from the much more sensible, and democratic, position of taking the trouble to ask people around town what they actually want and need. They will be taking their instructiions from you, not from some party bigwig.

Let them know what you think. Tell them the top 3 things that you think KCC should be doing in and for Herne Bay. Send them an email – they’ll read it, and they’ll pay attention.

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  1. Brenda Bowden

    As you are making a point in your column of John Moore standing as an Independent and acting independent, does that mean he is no longer a member of the UKIP party? According to my memory, he has always stood as a UKIP candidate and I’m a little surprised if he no longers supports them – especially as they are riding high at the moment!

    • Hi BrendaI am no longer a member of ukip, because I am concentrating on my Parish Council work and now as an independent for KCC. I still support UKIP and talk to Nigel Farage from time to timeRegardsJohn Moore

  2. John Moore said in a recent press interview: "UKIP has moved on and I still support them and follow them. I prefer to concentrate on my parish stuff and the county stuff."

  3. Brenda Bowden

    Thanks for the update – I now notice you have added a bit about a recent press interview – but it wasn’t shown on the Herne Bay Matters I received earlier. That clears it up – he’s a UKIP supporter but he thinks he’ll stand more chance of getting elected by not wearing his UKIP hat when he stands for County election.

  4. Anne Belworthy

    How dishonest of JohnMoore – he has always stood as a UKIP candidate before and is still a supporter of that particular party.He is clearly on the right of the political spectrum and should have the courage to stand up for his views.

    • Hi Anne I am not dishonest I feel that I can do better for the town as an Independent than with a national political party. RegardsJohn Moore