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Kayleigh Duff is Herne Bay’s 2014 woman of the year

Kayleigh Duff with son Kai
Kayleigh Duff with son Kai

Kayleigh Duff has been voted as Herne Bay’s 2014 woman of the year.

Five outstanding people with amazing stories were running for the title of Herne Bay’s man or woman of the year but Mrs Duff, the young mother who spent her last months living life to the fullest, came first with 45% of votes.

The mother of 4-year-old Kai was only 24 when she lost her battle against a rare form of colon cancer. Determined to make the best of her last few months, she put together a bucket list which included meeting several celebrities and a beautiful dream holiday to Disney World in Florida with her son.

Gerald McCarthy and the Herne Bay Promotion team came second with 25% of votes – a clear show of appreciation from the people of Herne bay for their fantastic efforts to promote our beautiful town.

Coming third, with 16%, is Jo Mumford, the 26-year-old musician who made a video and sold jewellery she created to raise money and awareness for charity Epilepsy Action.

Doreen Stone, the Chairwoman of the Herne Bay Pier Trust, came fourth with 14% of votes for her tremendous work that has secured much-needed funds to rebuild the pier.

At the fifth spot is Jane Priston, the woman behind the Amy Johnson memorial project, who received 1% of votes for her research of the celebrated pilot.

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