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It’s not too late, but it will be soon…

RSP – a company owned by mystery investors in Belize – is consulting the public about its plans to compulsorily purchase the old airfield at Manston (closed since 2014 when it went bust again) as a national cargo airport. Almost half of air cargo travels by night.

Those of you who lived here when the airport was open know that the flight path runs the length of Herne Bay, and straight across Ramsgate. You’ll also know what a cargo plane coming in to land sounds like.

The new developer wants night flights. Whilst saying to the public “there won’t be night flights”, it is proposing to the Secretary of State that it should be allowed to have more night flights than are allowed at Heathrow, and noisier planes than are allowed at Heathrow. If you doubt that (and a lot of people do because Sir Roger Gale MP is campaigning alongside the developer and spinning the same line) do email me and I’ll send you the factual analysis by No Night Flights that looks at the developer’s proposed night flight regime. What you need to know is that the scheme they are asking for means that there is no limit in terms of the number of planes that they could fly over us at night.

RSP is saying in the consultation material that night flights won’t affect ANYONE in Herne Bay and so there is no noise insulation scheme or anything like that planned for us. They say that up to 18 flights a night won’t have any impact on us because we all wake up that many times a night naturally. I kid you not.

Consultation ends at midnight on Friday 16th February.

There are two ways in which we can fight this – both can be done in a simple, one-shot email.

  • One way is to persuade the Sec of State that the consultation is inadequate. The developer MUST provide enough information for us to reach “an informed view” about the plans for a cargo airport and the impact of that cargo airport on us. Frankly, the developer has done a rubbish job here. Most people don’t even know that the consultation is going on. If you don’t know what this proposal means for you and this community, then RSP has failed to meet its consultation obligations.
  • The other way is to tell the developer of the impact that the plans will have on us and that the cost to the local community is too high a price to pay.

You can do both in one simple email. Could you please email:


by midnight on Friday 16th February and tell them any or all of the following that apply:

  • you didn’t know about the consultation
  • when you did find out about the consultation you looked at RSP’s plans but it’s 3,900 pages of technical gobbledygook and you don’t know what they mean for you
  • you went to the one consultation event in your town but didn’t get answers to your questions
  • you went to the one consultation event in Herne Bay and you were told that there would be no noise impact on us and you know, from past experience of a MUCH smaller operation at Manston, that that’s nonsense
  • you went to the one consultation event in Herne Bay and were told that there would be no night flights, but you can see that RSP is submitting a whole plan to allow for limitless night flights
  • low-flying planes over this town night and day will damage our sleep, our health and our tourist industry
  • some/all of the above or any other comment you want to make having looked at their documents yourself.

Please also copy that email to manstonairport@pins.gsi.gov.uk – PINS is the decision-maker. The developer (RSP) doesn’t have to tell PINS in detail about what we, the public, say… so we’re making sure that PINS hears this direct. You can also copy it to nonightflights@gmail.com – we’re the gang who are coordinating resistance to the plan to have cargo planes over us day and night.

If you have questions, if you want more material, let me know. I’m collating a suite of documents that will be the response from No Night Flights to this proposal and am swimming in evidence to demonstrate how the developer is misleading the public about the true impact on us. Just ask!

Apologies again for asking this. I’ve looked at the proposals. I’ve campaigned on this topic for years. I know exactly what impact night flights will have on me and on our life here. Frankly, if the developer gets what they want, we’ll need to move out – I don’t want to live under a flight path that has a worse night noise regime than Heathrow.

If you’re as worried or as cross about this as we are, please copy this email to friends and ask them to lob in an email as part of the consultation too.

If you need more info, have a look at www.nonightflights.co.uk or, if you’re on Facebook, do ask to join the No Night Flights Facebook group.

Many, many thanks in advance.

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  1. Clive Cripps

    This is fake news of almost a Trump standard

  2. Local Resident

    Have messaged Pins directly as no confidence the consultation would. They are corrupt.

  3. I agree with Clive Cripps above. NNF and anti-airport people (who are very few in comparison to those who support the airport) spout a load of nonsense and fail to realise that RiverOak are doing everything that PINS require for a DCO.

    The 19 new freight stands (+ 4 passenger stands) are being built so that freight planes don’t need to fly in or out at night – at all – unless there is an emergency or rare late arrival after 23:00 hours. That is what the PEIR report explains. Thanet is NOT going to have planes flying in all night, every night, like the NNF brigade would have you believe.

  4. We certainly do NOT want night flights

  5. Herne Bay resident

    Hi there Clive Would you be able to qualify which bits are fake news ?
    I have also written to pins as I wouldnt expect the consultation to.

  6. Anthony Ogilvie

    No we do not want Night Flights both in and out of Manston Airport. Again what has not been mentioned is how all of this freight will be moved out of Manston. One can only assume this will primarily done buy freight lorries in both directions of the Thanet Way. That will amount to one hell of a lot of extra freight lorry traffic on the Thanet Way. Those living in the vacinity of the road will be subjected to one hell of a lot of extra noise. I live a mile away from the Thanet Way, and when the wind is in the right direction ( From the South) I hear both the traffic noise and that of the trains. So all of this extra heavy weight traffic has to be taken into consideration along side any air traffic distubance. The noise from the aircraft will not be just one way, as whatever flies into Maston has to fly out again. Double the amount of air traffic, and noise therefrom.

  7. Here’s a little maths.

    The “Night period” proposed by RSP is from 2300 to 0700 – 8 hours.

    ESP are proposing a cap on night flights of 4000 quota counts per year

    A 747 freighter landing and then taking off uses 6 quota counts.

    Assuming one plane an hour that means 48 quota counts per night.

    So by 24th March (Day 83) the full 4000 quota will have been used up and the remaining 282 nights will be silent.

    Or put it another way. 4000 quota counts evenly spread over the year is 10.95 quota counts per night. Equivalent to 10 planes a week.

    • If you read their documentation, you will find that RSP think night-time for freight is 11pm to 6am.

      There will be NO freighter take-offs at night – late arrivals only, if you believe Mr Freudmann.

  8. Using the RSP Noise Mitigation Report and if one take the QC0.25 planes, then 44 flights a night becomes a possibility, and if no flights on one night, then they can double up the next night. There is NO restriction stated on night flight numbers in the noise mitigation report, nor does it say “there will be none”, and is 23:00 really DAY TIME [me thinks not]. Two last things, RSP have ABSOLUTELY NO restrictions on air craft traffic numbers or noise levels during the day time [06:00-23:00], great !!! And all the road traffic will need to move WEST along the A299 only and travel 20 miles before it hits a motorway: where as other airports [Gat and LHR] have immediate access to motorways AND they can go WEST, EAST, SOUTH and NORTH: seems weird to have cargo hub that can only travel in one direction, and need to wait 20 miles before getting to a motorway; so NO Manston is completely wrong for a major hub of any kind, and no restrictions on plane numbers during the day needs to be known about. Herne Bay objector

  9. I am in total agreement with Derek’s post above. No consideration has been given to the access and over use of already congested road access and laybys which are already used for heavy goods vehicles. Further traffic will slow the A299 and M2 to a crawl on a daily basis and HGV drivers seeking overnight parking will use adjacent side roads. Anyone who has ever lived on a direct flight path, as we do now although 15km from the runway, will know the noise made by low flying aircraft on approach and they would like us be objecting to this proposal be it night or day flights.

  10. we dont want night fling over Herne Bay, i put my name to this,


  12. I think you should include a VPN filter to exclude the pro Manston poster and their multiple user names. Feverish and irrational in their support, I have a few suspects.