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It’s Christmas… where’s my tent?

Many years ago I used to look forward to Christmas. The message, I understood, was ‘peace and goodwill to all’ and there was a real feel-good factor during the last week before Christmas. Having suffered since the middle of November Christmas songs blaring out in the supermarkets, watched an endless array of emotive Christmas adverts on TV and witnessed the mass hysteria of shoppers being sucked in to grab the fictitious Christmas bargains on offer, I realise that the message has changed. It is quite simple! ‘We want your money!’ I now understand the reasons a dear friend of mine (sadly departed) loved nothing better than packing his tent and disappearing into the woods for a week until Christmas was over. He could escape! If he was still around, I think I would consider joining him.

Doug Lucas
Roper Road, Canterbury

Herne Bay Gazette, December 11th 2014

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