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It doesn’t add up

I wasn’t top of the class at school in mathematics so perhaps someone would explain to me how Canterbury City Council works out its finances? (Campaigning for heritage Canterbury Times, February 18). Since the recession started the council have approved projects that run into millions and millions of pounds.

I think it was about £17m on refurbishing the Marlowe theatre, £7m on the Beaney Institute, £7m on Whitstable Castle and only two weeks ago £700,000 on the Lord Mayor’s building. And they are still pushing to build a marina at Whitstable harbour costing £16m that most locals don’t want!

So why are we now having to close museums and toilets and take other drastic measures to raise £2m in the next two years because we fall short of money for ‘essential’ services? Their lame argument that it will be paid for by selling other property or it comes from a different account is no answer. There is something very wrong with the local authority set up. Protest all you like, it appears that once they are in there they do exactly whatever suits them.

B. Knell
Whitstable, via email

Herne Bay Times, February 25th 2010

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