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Iris Johnston hasn’t heard from you, doesn’t think you exist…

Dear All,

As you may be aware, there has been a vigorous campaign by the Save Manston group to buy the Manston Site. Not with their own money, obviously.

Many of us believe that plans for a compulsory purchase order (CPO) of the site will be costly in the short term – £80K already just to explore the legality of a CPO, and the cost of a viability study into the airport. Worse still, the whole process would be long and complex, and in the long-term could prove costlier and more dangerous.

Things are moving rapidly and with the American company River Oak throwing their hat into the ring as a prospective partner (in a back to back CPO agreement), it is looking like there will be a great deal of pressure put on councillors to go for some kind of initial deal with them. This could mean that River Oak, already offering their lawyers in lieu of the council seeking legal advice (dodgy?), could involve themselves in the proceedings. Potentially, we could see TDC simply rubber-stamping plans decided by others. At the very least, we need to act in order to slow down proceedings and ensure that it is our elected representatives who are making these decisions, and on the basis of independent and expert advice.

TDC are going to be making decisions – on 31st July – based on a viability study which firmly rejects the potential for Manston to be viable as a passenger operation and which opts instead for a cargo hub and ‘airport city’ model. This would inevitably bring back the whole issue of night flights and a huge amount of pressure will be brought to bear on councillors to offer open-ended guarantees about flying through the night. This is why the No Night Flights group still has an active interest in the Manston Site.

The viability study, of course, is more in the vein of ‘what can we do, at any cost, to keep Manston open as an airport’ rather than ‘is it worth keeping it open’. Councillors again need to be supported in ensuring that discussions in TDC recognise the difference.

What’s on the cards is ‘an airport city’ with associated factories, plants, parking etc in the heart of Thanet with old, noisy cargo planes overhead at all hours of the day and night. To date, the Labour Group have reiterated their anti-night flights stance but Sir Roger Gale, the local Conservative group, River Oak and, of course, the Save Manston Airport group are putting on huge amount of pressure to get them to back down from this and support ANY save Manston plans at whatever cost.

Cllr Iris Johnston believes that there are only a couple of dozen people that are against the plans for a CPO and/or saving Manston at any cost. We need to set the record straight on that score. This is the time to make your voices heard. Again.

1. Write to ALL Ramsgate councillors expressing your concerns and to Iris Johnston, as Leader of the Council, and to Madeline Homer, acting CEO.

2. Turn up to either/both important meetings this week:

  • Ramsgate Town Council at the Custom House on Wednesday 30th July at 7pm; and
  • Thanet District Council in Cecil Square on Thursday 31st July at 7pm.

Please speak to your friends and neighbours and get them to help.

It’s time to be generous with your common sense!

madeline.homer@thanet.gov.uk – Madeline Homer (acting CEO of Thanet District Council)

cllr-iris.johnston@thanet.gov.uk – Cllr Iris Johnston (Leader of Thanet District Council, Labour)

democracy.thanet.gov.uk/mgCommitteeMailingList.aspx?ID=151 – the rest of the TDC Cabinet

www.WriteToThem.com – All your elected representatives, from here to Brussels.

No Night Flights Committee

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  1. ONLY AN AIRPORT WILL DO I live in Newington directly under flight path and I couldn’t care if there was 100 flights a day it’s jobs for people at the end of the day, skilled jobs not some national min wage fob off job in a supermarket or low paid unskilled work. No offence to anyone who works in a supermarket but I would rather have a choice in jobs than just being limited to retail work only!

  2. I understand where your coming from but there’s more to this than meets the eye, I attended the first save Manston group meeting @ the Winter Gardens & @ that meeting all, & I say all the councillors there said they would support night flights & spoke of changing the 106 agreement soonest. The Save Manston Group chairman Keith Churcher live in the Rochester area who is a NIMBY as he doesn’t want Boris in his back yard, the other outfit Why Not Manston this guy lives in Folkestone & probably doesn’t want lydd to expand so they want to dump it on us, there’s no point writing to our councillors as you won’t get an answer if you don’t support what they are trying to achieve.

  3. Kent Resident

    It would be better still if "No Night Flights" organised a petition we could all sign and publicize it just as the "Save Manston Airport" group did. This would show the Council leaders how the rest of Thanet feels about it, especially the real people living under the flight path. I am sure most of the signatories on their SMA petition were not even residents of Thanet, which should mean they don’t count.

  4. A recent FOI. Shows that TDC. Did nothing to verify the signatures on the SMA petition, so not only are very many from outside Thanet but we don’t even know if they are genuine! Writing to councillors is crucial at the moment. We know from those who are opposed to a CPO that they need to be in receipt if public support for their position. Otherwise it just looks like an overwhelming tide in support of a CPO. A petition against would prove difficult -because only people in Thanet would care enough to sign and therefore the numbers, potentially, would not equal those of the SMA group. Please do write to councillors.

  5. Lyndon T Palmer

    I think the delivery of planning consents (Or planning consent pledges) as part of a back to back agreement are grounds for refusal of a CPO ?

  6. All councillors emailed as requested. I think it must be worth doing as I got a reply from Iris Johnston which says " Thank you very much for this and all comments noted. Please excuse brevity as limited wifi until I return to England. Copied to Cllr Nicholson and Mrs Homer as all views collated. Regards, Iris"

  7. I suspect that the vast majority of those who support the ‘keep Manston open at all costs’ supporters have no idea what will happen if the airport is re-opened. As is blatently obvious the airport will not be successful for scheduled passenger flights – their is just too small a capture area since Gatwick is as close to the western half of Kent as Manston, and who in their right mind would struggle past London to get here when many other international airports are closer? From those I have spoken to and read comments in the local papers from, they seem to think that Manston is going to allow them to be a cheap route to their summer holidays on the Costa’s rather than a massive industrial exercise with dirty polluting freight tugs thundering their way into the air at all times of day. I have written to the councillors but unfortunately can not go to the meetings because I will be away on holiday (Ireland by ferry). I live in Ramsgate quite close to the old flight path.

  8. If this page is dedicated solely to protesting against night flights at Manston, why is it so anti-SMA? SMA stands for Save Manston Airport, not "Save Manston Airport and set up night flights every five minutes all through the night". Iris Johnston, whilst fully supporting the airport and SMA, has stated that she does not support night flights, so I’m not sure what all the fuss is about here. I’m also confused by the statements here suggesting that people from outside Thanet are not allowed to express their support for the airport – if that’s so, then I guess no-one should listen to a group from Herne Bay protesting about night flights? I’m also not entirely sure what planes are being referred to when talking about "old, noisy cargo planes" – the likes of CargoLux use shiny new 747-8s, which are anything but old and noisy. I’m not suggesting that you should campaign against night flights if that’s what you believe in, but at least get the facts straight.

  9. Ian, part of the SMA group and now even some politicians want a referendum on night flights so i think some at NNF profoundly dislike these sorts of suggestions.

  10. Hi Nick, I must admit that I haven’t seen or heard any mention of a referendum on night flights, but I will take your word for it if you have heard such. I’m a very proud SMA supporter (which perhaps shows in the tone of my earlier comment, which upon reading it again seems a tad harsh) and in my view it is possible for Manston airport to be a success, providing a new operator does not try to focus primarily on passenger flights, which is where others have failed. However, as far as I’m concerned the issue of night flights is and should remain a separate issue from whether or not the airport is saved. Indeed, when the issue of night flights is raised on the SMA group it is quite apparent that there are a number of SMA supporters who are desperate to see the airport reopen but remain against night flights – as I mentioned earlier, Iris Johnston is one of those. I can certainly understand the concerns of those who are against night flights, and those concerns should be voiced, but what I would like to see is for both sides to realise that the aims of both groups are not mutually exclusive – it seems to me that it is quite possible for the airport to be a success without the need for excessive scheduled night flights.

  11. I agree that NNF should do whatever it can to produce a petition to counter the Save Manston Petition already presented to 10 Downing St.I would also call upon all Tory Voters to boycott Mr Gale in any forthcoming elections as he has not fairly represented the residents of Thanet but merely jumped on the bandwagon of the save manston campainers. I have been a lifelong tory supporter – NEVER EVER AGAIN!!!mIKE

    • livingUNDERtheflightpath

      I have met some pricks in my time but you, sir, are a f**king cactus!

  12. Mike, why do you need to counter the SMA petition when it doesn’t call for night flights? I really can’t understand why the NNF campaigners think that the only way to prevent night flights is to keep Manston closed – Manston was open for all that time without night flights.

  13. CPO can mean great things for Kent, I want to see the area thrive and not be just a place to dump people in houses with no employment

  14. Herne Bay resident

    Viva CPO I say I agree that when it is given the green light the area can thrive no one wants houses in an already deprived area. The airport will create jobs and boost tourism.

  15. I want to fly out from Manston and live here in Herne Bay, I don’t want to drive up the motorway to Gatwick and have to endure hours of boredom waiting for my flight when I could be wherever I want in little or no time at all. I do not represent those who dont want the airport because I am a realist and can see its viable. Yes to CPO

  16. Bob in canterbury

    I’am 67 and wan’t to fly out from Manston to see my family in Holland I have used it countless times and feel safe I really like how I could get there in hardly any time it was really good. I am elderly and do not want the hassle of the London airports I want to fly out locally I fully support a CPO

  17. hello there my name is Andy I think the night flights should be looked at so that planes are allowed to land and take off. I have looked into things and a lot of the planes do not need to fly out past 11.30pm but having the flexible approach of being able to land after that time would be beneficial for planes in trouble so it can be there as a precaution. I hear planes and believe they are not noisy because standing outside my house here in Nethercourt which is along the flight path isn’t noisy and I should know because I have lived here for years. I want to see Manston back open so its a yes to CPO for me. thanks regards from Andy.

  18. I have spent many hours looking into this the maximum no of night flights that can occur at Manston is two after 12.00 anyway, this is because of turnaround secondly Riveroak’s plans don’t include night flights, thirdly this is vitally important to the whole area and at this present moment night flights arnt either being considered you as a group of people are taking away the opportunity of a possible regeneration of east Kent and the prosperity that this may bring please be reasonable with your arguments if night flights was on the agenda then stand up and democratically voice your protest but it is not so please give Thanet a chance

  19. Doesn’t need night flights and where did you get 80k figure stop feeding people rubbish!!

  20. Margaret sole

    I have read the comments.As we know, the South East,Thanet in particular has the highest unemployment in the Country.If people read the plan as outlined by Riveroak, you will see that not only will it offer job opportunities but the chance for the area to grow, and you will see that no night flights is not a problem.As residents of Herne Bay, perhaps you can educate the people who live on the flight path,just how is this going to effect you? It certainly will not affect me and I am on flight path,an I cannot wait for the day tht Manston re-opens

  21. Keith Churcher

    I love the way the poster has got all the facts wrong ! You have all had three chances to come to meetings and discuss the topic of night flights. Right let me clear up something now. I live next to Rochester airport and it is aircraft all day everyday at 190 feet every 10 minutes , it doesn’t bother me I knew it was there when I purchased my house I did my due dilligence. Manston does NOT need night flights to survive it is factored into the business plan to work without night flights FACT. Where did the 80 k come from? The actual figure is 8 k so far and it will be claimed back from river oak or another investor. I can assure you night flights is not on the agenda only the anti airport supporters agenda and if they want to come and ask me questions about the future of Manston I will gladly spend some time to put some old wives tales to bed, remember I am a joe public too but I would like to assure worried residents , I am even willing to come to Herne bay and meet with some of the worried residents . I love Herne bay and quite often me and my fianc come over to sit on the beach and have a meal .Enjoy yourselves Keith Churcher Save Manston airport group

  22. Read the letter and the literature who said anything about night flights – where do you get your facts from

  23. I live adjacent to the airfield in Minster and moved here 2 years ago. At first we noticed the planes, but after a few weeks we were more likely to be woken up by motorbikes and cars driving like lunatics up and down the new Canterbury Road. My partner and I both work full 24/7 shifts and the planes were never a problem day or night (if you class 23:30hrs night). It was our choice to live here and our choice to have such a wonderful view of Manston’s take-off path. I miss seeing the planes from my back garden and this summer has not been the same without the Red Arrows and other military jets. My family all live in Medway and they are just as upset to see the airport in its current state. There is support for this airport from all corners of Kent.The plans set out by RiverOak and supported by SMA give the airport and this forgotten area of Kent a chance. That is not just the people of Thanet, but the people from the surrounding towns and villages as well.The airport is part of our heritage and everyone should be proud to have it on their doorstep and encourage TDC to do the right thing and listen to their electorate. We DO NOT want more cheap, overcrowded housing that will only further long term unemployment because of a lack of well paid jobs in this area. Bring back the airport, bring back skilled jobs, use the new infrastructure and encourage more haulage companies to use a freight cargo hub…SAVE MANSTON AIRPORT!!! Jo

  24. I think there is a serious misunderstanding here. The proposed new owners have categorically stated they do not need Night Flights to operated. There seems to be some scaremongering or mis-information going about.

  25. Dear blog poster. I have been following the plight of Manston since day one and i have to say I’m pro Manston with or without night flights. ( Before you ask I do live in Ramsgate and yes under the flight path. What really gets to me is uninformed people like yourself spreading absolute rubbish to put the frighteners on people. So many of your facts are completely wrong until you have researched the situation fully please desist from posting such drivel. Please take Keith churcher up on his offer get the facts and if you are still not happy that’s fine but at least be informed.

  26. Lesley Atkinson

    It’s not just Thanet that would benefit from the reopening of Manston Airport. With the plans that River Oak have set out it would bring jobs and prosperity to all of east kent. Not only for us but for the next generation as well. We need something that we can take pride in, in this almost forgotten part of the country and what better than a thriving airport.I’m sure night flights will be given due consideration once the airport is reopened.Like Margaret I can’t wait for the day when the first flight is welcomed back to Manston.I’m Lesley Atkinson, an OAP and a proud member of SMA

  27. I didn’t realise HerneBay was on Thanet … oh it isn’t! Looking at the map you would be just as near to Boris Island as you are to Manston. Now Boris Island is a totally absurd idea but a successful airport at Manston isn’t. To condem Thanet to the scrap heap on absolutely no evidence of night flights beginning is obscene and I wonder what the agenda is for the people who are calling for the CPO to be scrapped. Of course we who live on the Isle of Thanet are eager to have prosperity which would also benefit Herne Bay and many other places in this part of Kent. We don’t want cheap flights to holiday destinations we want jobs and hope for the future, why would anybody not want that.

  28. All you lot in Hernia Bay are retired and have money in bank!! Thanet needs work for the youngsters and an airport is the way.

  29. Nigel Keatley

    I love groups that haven’t a clue of the true facts. It may be wise for certain groups to actually get the facts and figures before reaching out to their local community and spreading misinformation. Do you really understand the concept of Night Flights? obviously not, i do not believe for a second that everyone in their communities was talked to properly about how many actual flights would take place at night. Why would there be a reason to re-open the debate about night flights? the new business plan for clearly shows the airport can operate AND AT A PROFIT within quite a short period WITHOUT the need for night flights. Get you facts Straight. Communicate to your fellow supporters the TRUTH. If they want to know all the facts then they can join the SAVE MANSTON GROUP on facebook page where any of the committee or supporters will be very happy to explain what is really going on. And for your information, i live directly under the flight path, and quite close to Manston, never been affected by Night Flights but have and will be more affected if the land is turned into another god forsaken Housing Estate to accommodate even more people looking for jobs in the south east WHICH will affect Herne Bay as much as Thanet. OR if they turn it onto a retail/leisure development, Watch your high street die then as it will be a lot closer than Westwood Cross. Seriously, Distribute the Facts, ask the correct questions.

  30. "dirty old cargo tugs thundering into the sky" with respect your impresion of a cargo flight is somewhat misguided, there are no differences apart from the interior layout!!out of cargolux’s fleet of 20 planes half are the 747-800, which will rise to 75% over next few years, funny that they are less than 3 yrs old and one of the most enviromentally friendly jumbos around ( a plane that the vast majority of cargo operators are moving over to due to its economical value ) the days of noisy and smokey MD10’s and IL-76’s are long gone you can hardly hear a plane on approach over herne bay – i have worked under the flight path for 6 years and is hardly noticeable – and seeing as its 100% impossible for a plane taking off flying over herne bay ( no matter what runway is being used ) the noise level is even lower than some would suggest, yet another argument from anti manstonites debunked, please for the sake of meaningful debate aquire some correct facts!and yes i live less than half a kilometre from the airfield itself.

  31. I think that the proposal with RO is an amazing thing to happen since it would bring back the much needed jobs along with all the other proposals that RO would like to bring. I am a SMA supporter and I am unsure if passenger flights will come back to Manston (or at least not until the airports back on it’s feet) but we definitely need it to stay as an airport. As for the no night flights, I think it would be very short-sighted to say no right out to night flights. I live in Ramsgate and they go straight over my house but it doesn’t stop me or my family sleeping. I doubt RO would need to use the airport for night flights to make it viable but even if they did it wouldnt bother me. Manston Airport is Kents Airport and Ive seen a lot of support for keeping as our airport!

  32. Nigel Keatley

    That’s a point, wouldn’t the turning point for Boris Island be somewhere near Whitstable/Herne Bay for the Continent? WoW…. good luck trying to sleep through that lot 🙂

  33. Untrue facts in this statement mr blogger, clearly haven’t got anything right. Manston doesn’t need night flights to work so again this is just to put the frights on people, its not working I’m afraid. Lots of people want the airport even Herne Bay residents so whats that tell you? DanSMA

  34. Manston Airport is in Thanet, and Thanet is a high unemployment area, with the airport in the hands of River Oak I am sure it will thrive and will bring unemployment down and help many local businesses back on their feet. River Oak have stated that they will not be dependent on night flights, but should this alter for whatever reason, then those that oppose this, have the right to object, but at the moment the airport up and running is the right path to take. The alternative would, it appears (though not yet confirmed), to be a large housing estate, houses for the private sector are having a job selling, so social housing may be the way it goes, bringing people from the London Boroughs to an area where there are no jobs, but who would have a negative impact on Thanet and the people that live here, with overstretched schools, doctors and hospital and many other services. What good is that when already these places and services are already struggling to cope.

  35. My goodness if your going to write a statement at least get your facts right by doing your homework first, clearly not done in this case. Shocking and embarrassing on your behalf.

  36. It’s very good of you in Herne Bay to take an interest in Thanet matters but these are best left in the hands of the voting people of Thanet, especially as far as the future of Manston Airport is concerned. Large areas of Herne Bay, another town that bemoans the loss of its former glory, are in a sorry state so surely the residents of Herne Bay would do better to look to their own and sort out their own problems and leave Thanet matters to the people of Thanet. Manston Airport is a magnificent part of our heritage; it was here long before any of us and will be here long after we are all gone.

    • Elaine Harris

      I live in sleepy Broadstairs. Ambulances with wailing sirens and flashing blues pass my door after midnight on many occasions. Should I ask the hospital to close ?? Motorbikes go full throttle too when it’s late and the road is reasonably clear. You are of the minority. The support in Herne Bay for the re-opening of Manston was incredible…Your facts on everything are incorrect. If you want the correct version Mr. Keith Churcher, Chairman of SMA will provide them for you.

  37. Nowadays, in this 21st Century, it is brilliant that we have the technology to communicate in the ways that we can. We can express ourselves through Art, conversation, music, history, geography and Love. Most of all love.Herne Bay is like a family member to the towns of Thanet and Vice-versa. When Herne Bay has suffered (especially regarding tourism), Thanet has wept. When Thanet has suffered, Herne Bay has wept.If the people of Herne Bay and readers of this blog either supported Manston Airport or took a neutral stance, time would show that their fears are miniscule compared to the benefits to these struggling parts of Kent. Let’s not pigeon-hole any supporters or haters of Manston Airport, let’s communicate and work towards a better future. There are FAR worse things to be protesting AGAINST, but for every word of this article, I can guarantee you’ve ALL turned a blind eye to other things that NEED protesting about.If something as historic, worthy and large was removed from Herne Bay by someone who lived 300 miles away for unknown reasons for possibly nefarious outcomes , the people of Herne Bay wouldn’t sleep on it.. Would they?

  38. Bet you wish you hadn’t posted this thread now

  39. Well Well Well Keith Churcher trying to pull the wool over our eye’s, well let me tell you I was @ the support Manston meeting in Margate although I’m not a Manston supporter I just wanted to listen to your views, & what was on the agenda, yes you got it, night flights which you all supported including Iris Johnston you were talking about getting the 106 agreement altered to allow night flights soonest, I tried to contact Roger Gale on several occassions because I don’t support what you are trying to do but if your not interested neither is he & to date haven’t heard from him.

  40. Just a quick FYI.The ultimate nimby Churcher I (whilst making making me laugha out loud at comparing a couple of single engine Cessna’s a day out of Rochester airport, to large numbers of heavy multi engine cargo jets flying in and out of Manston!) has been trying to further the cause of democracy by seeking to flood your site with his and his leeming like followers with posts, and to ensure your exclusion from any council meetings in the future.This was posted by him earlier;"Alrighty folks HERNEBAYMATTERS.com are planning to lobby the council on Thursday we need to stop them dead in their tracks. They have been told the airport relies on night flights it does not! Fact! If these people get their own way Manston won’t open and it will be a retail/ office/ housing park ! Please sign up to their website and put some positive comments up as soon as you can ! This is a special Tarzan call to all members from me and the team also 7 pm TDC offices need lots of you to fill seats to stop these anti airport folk getting a seat . come on people let’s push this all the way to the finish line we are nearly there!Who loves ya people !! ( we do )"Thanks to my wife who mailed it to me, I of course have been banned from their little group for daring to question their methods 🙂

  41. "Tim Smith How do residents from a Canterbury City Council area whose employment and economy far exceed that of Thanet have the ability to get into the chambers of Thanet council its wrong and they should be turned away by security"Interesting question Tim, tell me, how does a nimby, Churcher from Medway, – whose employment and economy far exceed that of Thanet have the ability to get into the chambers of Thanet council its wrong and they should be turned away by security 😉

  42. Geoff from London

    Fact, there is a push for a referendum on night flights with voting pool being drafted as wide as possible so it will succeed.Fact, RO have said if they get interest from customers they will need night flights.Fact, Iris Johnston is against night flights and will vote against but she is only one councillor Fact, industry experts at the public meeting said night flights must be allowed otherwise Riveroak will failFact, whilst initial night flight rules may be limited as with other airports there will always be a push for extension. The fines for breach if rules is small in any caseFact, Gloag has said she doesn’t want housing but to create jobs. Sadly she’s given no further details so who knows how many jobs she may create and it’s now too lateFact, the CPO will go ahead and the airport re open re employing the 140 mainly part time employees and the many ancillary local company staff

  43. If NIMBYs all over the country got their way – on whatever issue they were protesting about – where on earth would this country be? Answer – far worse off than it already is. Save Manston Airport as an airport is the only way to go.

  44. I always worry when people start quoting things with "Fact" at the start of each line, especially when there seems to be very few of them.Referendum on night flights? No push for that that I have seen – people are trying to get the airport back at the moment, and people’s jobs rather than what else could be there. If there was one, it wouldn’t be able to be "as wide as possible", sorry.RO have actually said that they might want to review the situation in the future – they know how sensitive this issue is. You can’t read into that what they will need. It might just be a relaxation as discussed over the last couple of days to cater for delayed flights to ensure they can get the customers into the airport. Like life, this would have to be a balance.Iris doesn’t have anything to vote for or against at the moment with regards night flights. This isn’t what this is about.Gloag has never gone on the record that she wants to creates jobs that I have seen, only a legacy for her grandchildren. That just means profit. If she wanted jobs, surely she would have stated or hinted at her plans by now to silence the opposition?

  45. since when has gloag categorically ruled out housing?? seriously id like to see this quote!! and if she did would it not be prudent to take this with a pinch of salt based on the official line from herself last year saying investments will be made and promises to keep the airport open for a two year period????

  46. Nigel Keatley

    Love it when people don’t want to use their actual names. Mr ‘A Friend’ seems to have a lot to say yet no actual evidence to back it up. For ANYONE that wishes to have the TRUE FACTS sign up to SAVE MANSTON AIRPORT where the committee will be glad to answer you questions.And Geoff From LONDON….. em, YOUR FROM LONDON and where the hell are you getting all your ‘Facts’ from? This is the main problem, people not knowing the TRUTH and making up Unreal and unfounded Facts. FACT! RIVEROAK HAS STATED IT DOES NOT NEED NIGHT FLIGHTS TO MAKE THE AIRPORT VIABLE! FACT!But i for one REALLY hope Boris Island gets the go ahead…. NO-ONE from Herne Bay will get ANY sleep as the planes will need to pass over you to get to the continent FACT.P.S. Gloag has not said ‘she will not build housing’ she has NOT SAID ANYTHING… FACT… Hence why something has to be done. because she is just stripping the assets and leaving the Airport to ROT… FACT.Nothing else to be said reallyNigel KeatleyRamsgate ResidentDirectly UNDER the flight pathIn Thanet (WHERE THE AIRPORT ACTUALLY IS)And likes to read the facts not the made up BS

  47. What Nigel just said . SAVE MANSTON

  48. Geoff from London

    Ann Gloag has just announced plans to develop the site into a multi purpose business and technical park with a mixture of light engineering and hi tech industries. She has commitment from Google and other companies to position over 2000 jobs at the site.

  49. Nigel Keatley

    No, i didn’t think there was any truth in this story. Just another false lead to make people think that there is no need for an Airport at Manston. Unless of course you can "prove" your "Facts" of course, which i am still waiting to see

  50. Geoff actually from Ramsgate

    There is no announcement from Gloag the point is even if there was one like this you would still want and airport, and even if it was 100,000 highly skilled jobs guaranteed to go to Thanetians only you’d still want an airport.

  51. Nigel Keatley

    i rest my case

  52. Geoff sorry if I’ve missed the point here but why post there was an announcement when there clearly wasn’t ? What exactly are you trying to prove other than you just had a spare 5 minutes and you felt like inventing a story. Miss Marple you’re not. In fact you’ve made yourself look quite silly and if anything you post from now on which does come close to truth no one in the first instance will believe you.

  53. I just wanted to show that nothing other than an airport is going to be acceptable to the local community which I think is true

  54. i think your missing the point geoff, isnt that the point of the whole debate? to save the airport and have it reopened??

  55. Yes that’s right and nothing else will do as I said. Airport only.

  56. Keatly,Would you like to point out where I have made a factual error in the posts I made, as most of the posts contain direct pastes from the SMA toddler group.Oh, PS,Looks like Churcher will be keeping his maccy d’s bribery money, isn’t offering a reward for someone to do something that effects someone else’s democratic rights corruption?"Keith Churcher COME ON PEOPLE SAVE MANSTON ! The 100th person to post a positive comment will get a big juicy burger from me at the light house burger bar ! One hundred posts by midday tomorrow on Hernebaymatters.com"

    • Nigel Keatley

      Dear Mr ‘A Friend’ firstly have the decency to spell my name right seeing as though i’m actually using my name and not afraid to hide behind an Alias…. Secondly what right do you have to slag off Mr Churcher? None. This blog has turned into People posting Non-Factual comments and Childish Digs at people in SMA. Curious as well, where have all your other posts gone? anyway, thanks for having me…. i have nothing more to add. 🙂

  57. Doesn’t matter how much it loses ay Geoff, MUST be an airport! You people really need to wake up and smell the coffee!

  58. Looks like a hoard of SMA die hard’s have been let loose on here since yesterday.

  59. Sadly Nick, in Churcher’s desperation to quell the democratic protest, himself and the SMA leemings are attempting to stifle any and all off message, yet realistic comment. Clearly they know their arguments are so slim they make a rizla look like packing card, and are desperate to try to stop the reality of the situation reaching the ears of those who are not swayed by method of repeating bullshit in the hope that repitition will somehow make it factual.Once again, Churcher’s post from yesterday, which of course he has now deleted to attempt to salvage some vestage of credibility;"Alrighty folks HERNEBAYMATTERS.com are planning to lobby the council on Thursday we need to stop them dead in their tracks. They have been told the airport relies on night flights it does not! Fact! If these people get their own way Manston won’t open and it will be a retail/ office/ housing park ! Please sign up to their website and put some positive comments up as soon as you can ! This is a special Tarzan call to all members from me and the team also 7 pm TDC offices need lots of you to fill seats to stop these anti airport folk getting a seat . come on people let’s push this all the way to the finish line we are nearly there!Who loves ya people !! ( we do )"

  60. Keatly,"what right do you have to slag off Mr Churcher? None. This blog has turned into People posting Non-Factual comments and Childish Digs at people in SMA. Curious as well, where have all your other posts gone? anyway, thanks for having me…. i have nothing more to add. :)"The same right he has to protest about an airport some 50 miles from where he lives. Difference between him and me though is 1. what I post is factually accurate, and 2. I support the democracy he clearly wishes to deny those that disagree with him, I believe that’s called fascism 😉

  61. The SMA & their cronies giving it large on this site trying to frighten people, I suppose Keith Churcher is the new Adolf Hitler, well you don’t have to worry about this crowd, in their Winter Gardens Margate meeting they were slagging off Ann Gloag big time & constantly calling for the 106 agreement to be changed as soon as possible to allow night flight, then out of the blue a good friend of Ann Gloag stood up & slagged the SMA & the councillors off big time, the language was a bit naughty, he wasn’t a big fella but obviously he could handle himself & you know what not one, & I repeat not one of the 350 SMA group or any of the councillors stood up to him not even a single remark to his actions, so don’t worry about this crowd their just scare mungers.

    • I attended this meeting and filmed it as well. My video of the meeting is freely available on YouTube if anyone is interested in what really happened. In fact people were not ‘slagging off Ann Gloag big time’, but the focus was on the potential future of Manston. One person using slightly colourful language did stand up and interupt a speaker. He was asked to wait until later to have his say. He handed a piece of paper to the committee, then sat silent for the rest of the meeting. Night flights were discussed and it would be fair to say that the majority of those present supported night flights, but quite a number did not, including Iris Johnson. It is possible to support the airport, but not support night flights & Riveroak believe the airport can be viable without night flights.

  62. Well said Brian! The SMA are losing credibility faster than Ian Driver changes political parties!Oh dear Adam, what is it you think Manston will do to improve your lot in life, give you a better class of litter to sweep up perhaps?

  63. Whoever runs this smear campaign against Manston Airport is rather sad and vindictive .

  64. If you search on Alliance Fort Worth airport you will see that Riveroak are not named as being involved in establishing the airport see this link http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/FortWorthAlliance_Airport which says it was billed as the world’s first purely industrial airport, it was developed in a joint venture between the City of Fort Worth, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Hillwood Development Company, a real estate development company owned by Ross Perot, Jr.[2]. Whilst Riveroak may be an investor now or may have been at some point they do not appear to have been involved in setting up the airport. It’s probably reasonable to conclude that RO have no experience in actually running an airport, just investing in it in common with other Funds that make investments that appoint a service company to actually run the airport. I think more due diligence on RO needs to be done by all parties to establish their true credentials. The bulk of their assets are not airports. The Fort Worth Alliance Airport appears to be very successful as a mixed use airport with cargo, consumer and other related airport activity plus a Marriott hotel it is a model that may well work at Manston successfully. In 2008 there were 274 flights a day and It does of course have night flights if you look on the schedule with flights throughout the night every night. Interestingly it looks like it only cost $25m to build which seems somewhat at odds with the 100m of investment suggested for Manston.

  65. Manston Road Resident

    Well, who informed SMA with their desperate outbursts, obviously a misguided organised attempt to discredit NNF. This blog is actually supposed to be about "No Night Flights". Nothing to do with CPO’s and keeping Manston open or closed.I hear how desperate the SMA supporters are to open Manston back up again but cannot see the logic in their arguments, most just poorly informed and insulting others. Many of those supporters though claim to live under the flight path, but most likely live well outside the area. OK then, lets say that some do actually live right under it. They have been subjected to very few night flights up until the airport closed, mainly because of the 106 agreement with the previous owners, so they understandably think the little disruption to their sleep over the years was worth it for the amount of jobs going at Manston (140 including many part-time), especially if they were employed there also. This would undoubtedly change though if the new owners didn’t want to continue with the 106 agreement. It would mean a huge increase in night flights but only a handful of extra jobs created there. The increase in sleepless nights to all the people (not just those supports) living under the take-off and landing area would not be worth it just for the few extra jobs created at Manston. I cannot see how destroying the environment for residents local to the airport could be productive without an epidemic of new employment there. I cannot either, see why those people would want noise and pollution (fumes) on their doorstep, unless of course those people are inner-city folk that miss that life and suffer from insomnia so cannot sleep in any case, or they don’t really exist at all! I suspect those supporters commenting that they live under the flight path to really be from out of the area completely so night time noise at Manston wouldn’t actually affect them at all. They want Manston to take it all because they don’t want it near them at their local airport (NIMBY) be it Heathrow, Gatwick, Lydd or Southend, or maybe Boris Island even. This is normal behaviour though and I don’t blame them for that. But we don’t want it here either, to be kept up all night by freighters coming and going!!!Leading from that; those SMA supporters have been whipped up by a few misguided people that think Manston will be a huge hub and employ thousands of locals. They think they will be able to fly off on holiday from a freight hub there. Wrong! And it never has, and never will be huge is the correct or factual answer. River Oak are an American investment company, they do have a success story at Fort Worth, Texas as it is in the right place there. Manston is not in the right place for that.If the 106 agreement was not part of the contract or adhered to with the next owner then all hell would be brought on Thanet.

  66. It is time that this forum was used for things other than throwing insults at each other. All should take a very careful look at what is presently on offer before deciding anything.Firstly it should be accepted that Manston is not about to become another Heathrow or Gatwick, history, past failures and what we know from the viability report on its future convened by TDC itself have proven that. At best it could become a small cargo port. Who is going to shift cargo out of Heathrow and other ‘up country’ airports to increase thier costs, add time and probable delays to deliveries?? Therefore, as a small cargo port where are all the jobs coming from?? Any airport operation at Manston will be operated with a minimum of personnel. Where are all the hundreds of millions of pounds of investment mentioned in the viability report oming from?? TDC does not have that money to invest. The government has other priorities. And Riveroak they are not in this to spend cash what do they care about Thanet?? They are not in this for Thanet and local jobs they are in it to make money and where will that money go?? Back to the USA.

  67. Personally, the noise from the planes are frightening and upsetting. I was torn from my sleep at all hours, day and night, 7 days a week. Training flights circled for hours and I could not use my garden or watch tv. Economically, Ramsgate locals appear to be scare mongered into supporting the airport because they are led to believe that this is their saviour to jobs but it results in low quantity and low quality jobs and Ramsgate are the poor relation compared to the quality plans and investment going into Broadstairs and Margate. The airport is incongrous with the development and potential of Ramsgate to attract quality businesses with its beautiful architecture and what appears to be the beginning of a more upmarket harbour. This could create far more jobs. No tourist wants to come to a Ramsgate hotel to relax only to be frightened out of their sleep by a 6am plane or sit on a beach supping Gadd’s ale and Cannons’ dressed crab with planes circulating overhead for hours. People come to Ramsgate purely because the houses are cheap, cheap, cheap and with a reopening of the airport or the uncertainty surrounding it they could get even cheaper. I do perceive an aggression from the supporters campaign and it is a pity that in this age of progressive thinking where the aviation world proposes placing flight paths away from residential homes and conservation so that all can prosper and live in peace and quiet that all are not taken into consideration. I appreciate that the airport is subjective but if the council agrees a compulsory purchase order there should be an equally fair compensation and moving packed offered. Residents around the expanded Southend Airport have been urged to claim compensation for the loss of value of their homes and it may be that the council could set up a compensation scheme to help Ramsgate residents in the same plight. I can appreciate that plans to turn the site into a housing estate are not appealing and it is a shame that something more creative could not be found for at least a portion of the substantial site.

  68. So now we see a local estate agent saying Manston would need to be a 24/7 airport with night flights for it to be successful and suggests that people who live under the flight path should consider selling their houses whilst the airport is shut.

  69. Amazing, why the sudden turn around of you SMG supporters, @ your Winter Gardens meeting in Margate why was I the only one in the hall who put my hand up for no night flights, then the rest of you laughed & sneered @ me, & now your saying a lot of you are now against night flights, now are you really trying to fool us & get the majority of us on your side then when all is done & you may have achieved in saving Manston you have a change of mind & vote for night flights.