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In Manston, no one can hear you scream…

A reader writes:

Hi All,

Am sure some of you were aware, but we weren’t… the complaints phone line at Manston is no longer in service!

I was phoning an engaged tone for over an hour the other evening to complain about the landing practice that had been taking place over Ramsgate.
I was livid about:

  1. The time of the landings 8pm to 9:30pm ish,
  2. That I’d wasted an hour of my time calling a line that no longer operates,
  3. The tone of the security guard I spoke with on a separate line, who informed me that the number was no longer functioning.

The corporate slime that operate Manston must be brought to account!




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  1. I share your contributors concern about touch & go training. This was Monarch Airways,to whom I complained, several times. They confirm that they approach Manston for training flights & of course Manston is so desparate for money, they agree. (Monarch also use, guess where?, Prestwick). By dint of persistance I can now give you a direct number of 01843 824820 to call. This is the number of Elaine Tanner who is PA to the boss !!Hope this helps & keep complaining

  2. I too have registered a complaint, but managed to do it via email through a link on the Manston Airport website. The complaint I made was about excessive aircraft noise from a military aircraft. The reply also from Elaine Tanner was:-"I am sorry you have found reason to complain about theoperation of the airport, and can confirm that the aircraft in questionwas an RAF Tornado which departed at 1344 on Friday 3rd June.Your complaint will be logged for statistical purposes."I do wonder why the RAF feel the need to use Manston?