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In a nutshell: airport manners

  • The Draft Masterplan for KIA is indicative but insubstantial – it needs to be redrafted, and then put out to consultation properly.
  • The Section 106 Agreement should reflect the needs of everyone affected by the operation of the airport, not just Infratil and TDC.
  • There is absolutely no need or justification for night flights (other than emergency diversions).
  • Flight paths should avoid population centres by overflying the sea, or sparsely populated land.
  • If overflying towns is unavoidable, the planes could fly higher for longer, and then descend more steeply.
  • These ‘people-friendly’ routes should be agreed and implemented before flight volumes increase.
  • Infratil must demonstrate that the routes are being adhered to by recording and reporting what the planes actually do, by installing adequate noise and pollution monitoring equipment and ensuring it is used consistently.
  • The readings from all the monitoring equipment must be recorded consistently, and the recorded readings must be published frequently and regularly (e.g. on-line).
  • Failure to comply with the S106 agreement must be reported and fined. Any decisions not to fine must be explained.

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