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Ideology to get us out of our cars

A reader recently suggested the council was selling off car parks for financial gain. While there might be some truth in this, the real incentive is ideology! That ideology is about getting people “out of their cars” and onto public transport or cycling and walking. Which basically means the council along with Conservative national policy have adopted the Green Party philosophy of ‘denying people a car parking space and you deny them the journey’! A few weeks ago in November, Lib Dem deputy prime minister Nick Clegg speaking for the Coalition announced that a further £214 million is going to be made available for cycling projects, with over half the money to be spent on turning another eight cities into ‘cycling cities’ said: “I’m committed to helping our dream of becoming a cycling nation”.
Most of what the coalition uses as a transport policy, was written by the last Labour government, so do not expect any argument from them. In a few months time, there will be a general and council elections, so be careful of what you vote for, or if you cannot be bothered to vote, then you will just let it happen!

Terry Hudson
Russell Drive, Swalecliffe

Herne Bay Times, December 23th 2014

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