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Ice rink plan ‘will take a year’

Hopes of an ice rink in the city centre this Christmas have melted away – because there was too little time to organise it. Canterbury Connected Business Improvement District manager Bob Jones believes a rink would be a hugely popular attraction for the city centre and add to the festive atmosphere. But he says it will take a significant amount of planning and loglstics to make it happen – not least finding a suitable location for it. The newly formed BID group, which is tasked with running and promoting the city centre, is investigating the potential of a rink. Members and Cathedral officials have even been to Winchester, Hampshire, to see a rink which has been installed in its cathedral precincts. Mr Jones said:

“It works very well there but there is free access to its precincts. It’s not easy to think of a suitable location in the city centre, which is pretty packed and narrow anyway at Christmas because of the markets. But, together with the city council, we will keep trying to find a way, although it will take at least a year to plan with all the logistics that need to be taken into account.”

Herne Bay Gazette, November 20th 2014

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