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I would choose gas over coal any time!

Peter Smith’s letter (Long-Term Costs Of Fracking Are Too High, Letters and Opinion, Herne Bay Gazette, November 13) made the good point about the need to reduce our CO2 emissions, but came to entirely the wrong conclusion about how to do this. We can build all the solar and wind generators we like, but they won’t keep the lights on on calm nights. The extent to which this is the fault of previous governments for their failure to build new nuclear power stations is another debate, but the reality is that we need fossil fuels and we need them now. The only matter up for discussion is which fossil fuels. The choices are coal, shipped half way round the world, gas piped from Russia through the Ukraine, or locally-produced gas, ie fracking. Given that gas produces half the CO2 that coal does for the same power, I know which I support.

Harry Macdonald
Churchill Road, Canterbury

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