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I like using the post office at Londis

I FULLY agree with Tim Boorman’s comments re the Londis sub-post office, Longport (Times, February 4). I use this regularly and have always found it efficiently run and for staff nothing too much trouble over posting items, pensions etc. At the most usually a customer waits five minutes or so to be served, sometimes not having to wait at all for this. Why? It seems for some strange reason to be under-used by the public. The main post office over at WH Smith’s often has a long queue and so much time is spent waiting, plus reached by stairs or a lift. It takes at the most five to six minutes, for myself using a stick due to arthritic knees, to walk from the subway by Wilkinsons, to short Ivy Lane, even shorter Love Lane, then round the corner to Londis post office and shop. It would take even less for able-bodied people. I appreciate people with disabilities would find this a bit too far to walk, although they still have to negotiate Smith’s stairs or use the lift. It can be busily noisy in Londis when pupils come in from the local school, but this is a short time and that is what Landis is also there for — as a shop. Smith’s is also a shop. So, one has to conclude, as the saying goes, there’s nowt as queer as folk!

Alan Major

Herne Bay Times, February 18th 2015

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