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I feel like I have been conned

I MAY be missing something here but I am sure people would want to know how the owner of Stagecoach could buy Manston in November last for £1 and then, less than six months later, we hear she turned down £8 million for the sale of it. Surely when it was sold to her there must have been some kind of restriction preventing this from happening otherwise what was stopping Infratil, the previous owners, from doing the same thing. My husband has just said that he would have bought it for 1.50 if he’d known! What are we not being told, was it always intended to be used for more housing no matter about loss of jobs and the opinion of local people?  I, and I am sure many many others, feel we have been conned somewhere along the line. I hope the KCC and the Government will prove me wrong and come up with a last ditch solution to saving one of the very few jewels in our local crown.

Pat Courbot, By e-mail

Herne Bay Times, April 10th 2014

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