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I couldn’t disagree more with Myra

WITH respect, (Myra Jones) are you retired? No worries about finances? Did you buy your home knowing that Manston airport was there? We live in Herne Bay and my husband, ex RAF, loves the smell of aviation fuel, we don’t get it here. I personally am enthralled to see such huge planes in the sky. Also our history with Manston, we were here when our boys in the RAF needed those runways. Heaven forbid that a catastrophe happens in London airports, planes stuck in the sky, no place to land because short-sighted, selfish people cannot see that houses on a possibly contaminated site, due to its past history! So, do we not care about our people, families that need the work to have a standard of life that you and others are privileged to have? Also, where are these people who buy the new builds going to work? I personally do not like Ann Gloag. As long as she has her millions she is happy. Why should she lose sleep? After all it is our land and no one apart from her will gain.

R Evelyng
by e-mail

Herne Bay Times, June 11th 2014

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