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Hunt for coffee shop site comes up with not a bean

Couple say venture will bring jobs and community benefits

A NEW initiative looks to bring a fresh good cause cafe to the area but the search for a premises is proving challenging. With the plan to open HatHats Coffee in early 2015, husband and wife Louis and Lisa Hurst have already announced their aspiration to hire between eight and 10 people, train others and use at least 20 per cent of all the profits to fund good causes. But the Chester couple claim the search for a place in Whitstable, Herne Bay and Canterbury has not been successful so far. With their business plan completed nearly a year ago, they have spent the last six months scouring the Internet and talking to estate agents to find the first premises for their new coffee venture.


Mrs Hurst, 36, said:

“We have got everything in place to open, we know our objectives and we have even started conversations with potential staff, our biggest hurdle without doubt has been finding the perfect location.”

But the couple, who are no strangers to the area with Mr Hurst running the Whitstable-based Amelix Group, have not lost hope. He said:

“In recent years lots has been said about the large coffee shop chains and their ethics, from avoiding corporation tax by using off-shore companies or aggressive moves into market places and dis-investing into communities. We believe you can create a coffee brand as well as doing good. We want to embed the culture of reinvesting in communities at the heart of what we do and stipulated that this must be one of the elements that makes a good cup of coffee.”

The couple are now extending their appeal to find the right shop and you can contact them if you know of any business that is looking to re-locate or a commercial space that would lend itself to a HatHats Coffee outlet.

• You can e-mail Lisa on premises@hathatscoffee.com or visit the website www.hathatscoffee for more information.

Herne Bay Times, December 23rd 2014