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How to help the Pier

Joining Herne Bay Pier Trust is a chance to make a difference to the town and play a part in building the history of the future. The trust is urging people to become involved in preserving the pier and add their views to plans for the area surrounding it.

An exclusive meeting for members takes place on Tuesday, 11th May 2010, and anyone signing up before then will be able to attend. People can join the trust as a full member, which costs £10 per year, or as a friend, which is free, and allows the trust to keep them informed of events and progress in the regeneration bid. The organisation aims to secure the pier as a heritage building and a place that the whole community can use and enjoy.

Joining as a friend will help the trust to show that it has strong community support if it applies for grants in the future. The trust is also encouraging people to make a donation to help their work by going to its website’s online shop. For information about the work of the trust, and to join as a member or a friend, go to www.hernebaypiertrust.co.uk

HB Times 6th May 2010

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