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Hospital is superb

TWO weeks ago I had a heart attack and ended up in the Kent and Canterbury hospital. Several years ago many of us were campaigning for the very future of our hospital. 11 my recent expeelenc. Is anything to go on, we now have the most superb hospital in Canterbury. Within seconds of my arrival I was on a bed. Within minutes I was seen by a doctor; then by a team of doctors. Within hours I was in a bed in the coronary care ward. The staff, from consultants to cleaners could not have been more professional. Diagnosis and the start of treatment was virtually immediate. The nursing teams on Taylor ward were dedicated, caring, friendly and reassuring. The ward was spotlessly clean. The only downside was a bumpy ambulance ride to the William Harvey down the potholed A28 for a final procedure that the K&C were not equipped to do.
But at least the brilliant cardiologist there was a Canterbury resident!
We have a hospital to be proud of staffed by true professionals who should in turn be proud of what they do. Now I know that all the banner waving over the past few years was right. And if anyone ever threatens the K&C again I will be the first to man the barricades!

Nick Eden-Green,
Lib Dem councillor for Wincheap and former Lord Mayor, Dane John, Canterbury

Herne Bay Times, February 25th 2010

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