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Honour For ‘One In A Million’ Council Officer

A city council officer said to be “one in a million” has been presented with a retirement gift by members of the Little Stour and Nailbourne River Management Group. The authority’s engineering manager, Ted Edwards, who is retiring after 28 years service, has been a driving force in helping to instigate new flood prevention works. Speaking at the presentation, Mr Twyman said:

“The village communities in the Elham valley greatly appreciate the selfless support that he has given us over many years. He has helped us in so many ways, putting the needs of the communities first and applying common-sense.”

Mr Twyman listed some of Mr Edwards’ numerous activities, which included organising flood defences, working late in the night to help flooded householders, helping with insurance difficulties, reassuring anxious householders, attending Saturday morning meetings, hosting multi-agency groups and processing grant applications. Mr Twyman added:

“He is one in a million. We believe he is irreplaceable and we will miss his steady presence representing the city council on the river group.”

Mr Edwards was presented with a pink/lilac magnolia tree and a pot to grow it in.

Herne Bay Gazette, March 26th 2015