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The society’s Spring Show took place on March 17 at the Institute Hall, Herne. There were a good number of entries In all classes – flowers, vegetables, cookery, handicrafts and floral art. The flower exhibits contained a wonderful array of daffodil varieties, hyacinths, polyanthus and many more. The hall had a wonderful spring smell which heightened as the air got warmer.

The floral art had more entries than normal, some from novice arrangers, and all were a very good representation of the titles. A lot of work was put into the handicraft section and the cookery looked delicious, again with a high number of entries.

While the judges were making their deliberations, a quiz was held whereby the flower name had to be entered in each quotation or song title. A break was taken for refreshments before the prizes were presented to winners by society president Elizabeth Hopkins (see below for list of winners).

A Nosh and Knowledge evening has been arranged for April 18 and on April 21 there is an open evening with Steve Bradley, who is one of the presenters on the Radio Kent gardening programme, entitled Your Gardening Questions Answered. Steve will be taking questions from the audience. Doors open at 7pm at the Institute Hall (address below). Tickets £3.50 are available from Sue Forrester on 07729 255839.

Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month except August and December at the Institute Hall, Benstede Close. off Canterbury Road, Herne, CT6 7JR. Doors open at 7pm with the speaker commencing at 7.30pm. New members are welcome, subscription fee for 2015 is £10. Visitors are also welcome, paying £2.

For information on membership/visiting contact Sue Forrester on 07729 255839 or for information on the society contact Margaret Burns 01227 369365.

Spring Show results. Flower and vegetable classes: R. Allen: 0 first, 1 seconds, 0 thirds; Mrs D Austin: 1,0,0 ; M Bellerby: 1,1,1; Mrs S Brown: 2,0,0; Mrs N Bundock: 1,1,0; Mrs M Burns: 1,4,0; Mrs J Dilnot: 1.2,0; Mrs S Forrester: 3,1,4; Mrs J Goodyear: 1,0,1; Mrs E Hopkins: 3,0,0; Mrs M Jewiss:
0.0.1; Mrs J King: 1,0,1, Mrs E Lathwell: 1,1,2; Mrs J Larkins: 1,1,1.

Cookery: Mrs M Bellerby: 1 first, 0,0 seconds, 0 third; Mrs S Brown: 0,1,1; Mrs B Daniels; 0,0,2; Mrs S Forrester: 1,1.0: Mrs E Hopkins: 1,1,0; Mrs M Jewiss: 1,0,0; E Lathwell: 1,1,0; Mrs S Prichard: 0,1,0.

Floral art: Mrs M Bellerby: 0 first, 1 seconds, 1 third; Mrs S Brown: 0,1,0; Mrs E Hopkins: 0,1,1; Mrs J Larkins: 1,0,0; Mrs M Wright :2,0,0.

Handicraft: Mrs M Bellerby: 1 First, 1 seconds, 2 thirds; Mrs B Bailey: 1.0,0; Mrs M Burns: 0,1,0; Mrs J Dilnot: 1,0,0: Mrs E Hopkins: 2,1,1 ; Mrs J Jewiss: 0,1,0; Mrs J King: 1,0,0; Mrs M Wright: 0,1,0.

Herne Bay Gazette, March 26th 2015

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