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Herne Bay’s Piers

Written by the late Harold Gough, and published by the Herne Bay Historical Records Society, this is an expanded edition of a book that has been out of print for some years. This revised version has been chosen as the inaugural title in a new series of books on the Herne Bay area, and is seen as a fitting tribute to Harold who was an accomplished local historian. The book explains the story of how the town of Herne Bay really owes its existence to the first pier, built in 1831. Each of the three piers is covered in some detail right through to the present day. A chapter has been added on the pier at Hampton point that was built as a landing stage for the ill-fated Herne Bay Oyster Company.

Published October 2008. Soft Covers A4 size 42 pages high-grade glossy art paper.

ISBN: 978-1-909164-00-0


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