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Herne Bay’s Boy With A Boat… the graffiti remains

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One of Herne Bay’s most well-known landmarks remains tarnished by spray paint weeks after it was targeted by vandals.

The Boy With A Boat, sculpted out of Portland limestone by Paula Haughney and installed in 1993, has had two black eyes and smiley mouth added to it by vandals

Dave Lee Giles took the accompanying image to highlight the problem.

He told the Herne Bay Times: “I got a response from CCC [Canterbury City Council] a couple of days ago.

“They sent SERCO along, but they can only use certain methods so it has dulled a bit bit not much.

“It’s obviously kids with spray paint who did it. The area around there is a magnet from them and in the mornings in the shelters there is broken glass and rubbish everywhere. Sometimes panels are kicked out of the shelters. I’m not sure if the police are on top of it.”

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