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Herne Bay rejects Manston night flights

As you probably know, Manston airport recently presented Thanet District Council with a proposal for scheduled night flights. TDC eventually organised a brief public consultation. Manston airport is obviously outside Canterbury’s feudal realm of control, but TDC agreed to let CCC have an input to the consultation…

The agreement was that CCC would be sent copies of all the submissions made to the consultation that came from the Canterbury district. CCC could then collate the replies, mull over the contents, and then base the Council’s response to TDC on what Canterbury residents had said.

230 people from the Canterbury district responded to the TDC consultation, and 80% of them opposed the night flight proposals. You can see the all the responses, or at least CCC’s brutal summaries of them, HERE. And this is CCC’s conclusion (you can find the full report HERE)…


Whilst in principle supporting the continued role that Manston Airport can provide in the economic well being of East Kent, the City Council considers that the potential for adverse impact on residents of this night-time flying proposal is not justified. The Council will therefore wish the method of operation to be kept to the current one and that further discussions are held regarding the monitoring of night-time flying activity.

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  1. It is rumoured that the result was similar ( about 80% against) in Thanet, although this hasn't been formally announced. The lack of communication from TDC, MP Laura Sandys, Ramsgate Town Council is absolutely deafening!!Residents here are very angry about the lack of communication from the elected representatives on this issue.

  2. Piss poor figures when you take the whole population of Thanet into account. A pretty miserable turn out from your lot. Please write a note to yourselves: "We just weren't good enough, must try harder next time"