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Herne Bay parking: now we’ll get 10 minutes’ grace

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Not so quick! Motorists now have 10 minutes’ grace on their parking tickets

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Drivers who overstay their parking tickets are to be given a period of grace before picking up a fine.

Anyone who stays parked 10 minutes over their allotted time in off-street or on-street council parking spots will not be fined for that period.

It is reported that the change in the law will be brought in by the government within weeks and apply to cars left in pay-and-display zones or areas with time limits.

In another move sure to please motorists, it will not be possible for CCTV being used in the issuing of automated fines, other than in high-risk areas.

The changes are coming about through a new Deregulation Bill going through the House of Lords next week. A separate Parliamentary motion is being tabled by the Department for Communities and Local Government to introduce the ten-minute parking grace period.

Local authorities have been criticised for using parking fines as ‘cash cows’ – these changes should help allay such concerns.

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