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Herne Bay Independent candidate John Moore rejoins UKIP

A campaigner who stood as an independent candidate for the county council has rejoined Ukip in the wake of its election success. John Moore collected 484 votes at the polls for Kent County
Council’s two seats in Herne Bay, while his running mate Stan Truelove
picked up 362.

They lost out to UKIP’s candidates Nicholas Bond and Brian MacDowall, who are now the town’s KCC representatives. The party also picked up seven out of eight seats in Thanet as well as winning in other parts of Kent.

Mr Moore, who is also a parish councillor for Herne and
Broomfield, had previously stood for UKIP but put party politics aside
for his most recent campaign. He said:

“I enjoyed the campaign and we were trying to get people to vote for the town rather than a party. But they clearly wanted to vote for a party, even if it wasn’t one of the ones that have previously been popular. I have always supported Ukip, and I have been a member since 1997 – it is my spiritual home.”

The town trader, who runs Sweet Magic in Mortimer Street, had not
renewed his membership before the election but said he now planned to. He added:

“It is too early to say what will happen. The next elections are two years away. If UKIP want me to do something, I would be happy to, but it’s not for me to say.”

thisiskent 10th May 2013

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