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Herne Bay gossip

by Baywatcher

HOW do you officially open a market? Particularly one that has been trading in its new location for several weeks? It’s a problem that must have taxed
officials on Saturday as Herne Bay market was relaunched in its new town centre home. That, and the fact that the weather was terrible… But they should not have worried. The opening was performed by the Lord Mayor of Canterbury, Cllr Ann Taylor, who is nothing if not resourceful. One of the organisers had the foresight to bring a ribbon – in the corporate colours of Canterbury City Council, which runs the market. And our Ann, who represents Reculver, swiftly roped her husband Bob into holding one end. Town manager Chris West grabbed the other and the ribbon cutting that is traditional at any official opening was able to take place. Phew! Ann confessed afterwards:

“You’ve got to have a ribbon and I was delighted to be able to cut it – even if it wasn’t attached to anything.”

Herne Bay Times, June 11th 2014

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