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Herne Bay gossip

Retired stonemason Leslie Ormiston called Times Towers in some agitation after reading our front page story about vandals desecrating Herne Bay’s war memorial (“Disgusted by war vandals”, Herne Bay Times, March 11).

“I was so disturbed as soon as I read about it, I made my way straight to the memorial to see what damage they had done.”

he announced. But Mr Ormiston, 80, of Grand Drive, went on to impart some excellent news.

“It looks as if the enamel has just come off some of the letters. In fact, the war memorial is in surprisingly good condition.”

This, of course, poses the problem of how we can get the letters back to their pristine condition? Mr Ormiston, whose son Mark now runs the family firm of CJ Ormiston and Son in Mortimer Street, said:

“I am not looking for business but it just needs some gentle resurfacing. To do it properly involves hammering lead on to the letters but an easier way would be to go over it with a paint brush.”

It was Mr Ormiston who engraved the inscription of names of those killed in the Falklands War on to the memorial 20 years ago, so I guess he should know. The city council says it will be inspecting the memorial in Memorial Park.

HERE’S a chance to get all steamed up. Train-spotters should have a field day on Wednesday March 31, when the Kentish Belle, hauled by a 70013 Oliver Cromwell engine, steams through Herne Bay en route to Ramsgate, Deal and Dover Priory.  I guess most will be content to perch on the fence. For those with a bigger bank balance, call 01553 661500 or visit railwaytouring.co.uk

Herne Bay Times, March 18th 2010, Baywatcher