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by Baywatcher

IT IS always good to have a back-up plan — even if you’re a minister planning to quote scripture in public. That was the lesson learned by Father Mark White at the launch of Herne Bay Street Pastors this week. He stood up to speak after an address by Chief Inspector Mark Arnold, who referred to a passage from Matthew, chapter 5, about the salt of the earth. It was particularly apt for the occasion, as Mr Arnold went on to compare the volunteer pastors to the people described in the Bible. As Father Mark began his speech, he said:

“I was not expecting the chief inspector to quote scripture, particularly not the passage I was going to quote…”

Luckily, and perhaps not surprisingly, he had another few verses up his sleeve.

WHO thinks women belong in the kitchen? Certainly not Sheriff of Canterbury and Reculver councillor Ann Taylor. She was spotted manning the tea urn at the Street Pastors launch, prompting fellow Tory Andrew Cook to slip in a cheeky remark. She quickly retaliated by volunteering him for washing up duty — although my spies can’t confirm if he completed the task.

Herne Bay Times, February 27th 2014

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