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Help the Campaign

Join the Newsletter mailing list, if you haven’t already, and…

  • … tell us your phone number if you want to be in the “rapid response” telephone tree.
  • … tell us (roughly) where you live to help us with noise mapping and leaflet distribution.

Write to any or all of your local and county councillors, MP and MEPs

Sign the online petition, if you haven’t already.

Tell your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues and anyone you know who you think might be interested about this site and the campaign.

Send us your letters, news clippings, inside information, first-hand experiences etc. to add to this site.

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  1. We missed deadline – and are incensed that it is only 28 days period. Want to join this action group and be an active member.[HBM: Step 1, join our mailing list – there's a link on the menu to the left.]