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July, 2005

  • 18 July

    Council promises ‘hard negotiations’ with airport

    A three month consultation has thrown up a range of concerns from residents in Thanet, Sturry and Herne Bay, that will be discussed with Manston airport owners, PlaneStation. Inappropriate penalties, inadequate noise monitoring, off-route aircraft, and concern that cargo flights may increase, were among the worries voiced. Council leader Cllr Sandy Ezekiel pledged that the local authority would "go into hard negotiations" with the airport owners over a revised Section 106 environmental agreement that will update the original five-year-old voluntary agreement that he described as "rather woolly".

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October, 2004

  • 1 October

    Blacksole Bridge: Obvious in 2004

    The road is particularly hazardous for pedestrians crossing Blacksole Bridge to the North East of the site.  Blacksole Bridge does not have pavements but is the only means of pedestrian access over the railway line from the site to Herne Bay and local facilities and is currently well used by Broomfield residents via the Thanet Way underpass.

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September, 2004

  • 1 September

    New era dawns at Kent airport

    Kent is finally joined by air to the rest of Europe. EUjet’s new low cost services got off to a flying start yesterday when the first flight - a Fokker-100 - took off from Kent International Airport at Manston, at 6.15am for Dublin. It marked the start of a service that is set to boost east Kent and turn Kent at last into an aviation hub. It has already brought 300 new jobs to Thanet and there could be 100 more over the next 18 months.

    Flights on day one were 75 per cent full, with more than 600 passengers flying to Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Dublin, Nice and Girona. A smaller number flew back to Manston, reflecting the lack of marketing effort by EUjet at the destination airports. By the end of the year, EUjet will be flying to 22 destinations including Prague, Madrid, Milan, Palma, Malaga, Turin, Edinburgh and Manchester.

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June, 2004

  • 29 June

    2004 Pier Report: CCC summarise the findings

    Consultants report on pier's future

    [Jun 2004] Consultants have concluded there is the potential to develop Herne Bay pier into a major attraction that could help regenerate the town as a thriving seaside resort. However, their report makes it clear that there is no prospect of attracting sufficient public or private funding, in the foreseeable future, to restore the full three-quarter-mile long pier.

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May, 2004

March, 2004

  • 2 March

    2004 Pier Report: CCC asking for opinions

    Herne Bay pier - have your say

    [Mar 2004] Consultants working on the study into the feasibility of rebuilding Herne Bay pier are asking local residents about the type of facility they would like to see and how it would benefit the town. A special website and email address has been set up to allow the public to make suggestions and put forward ideas for any new pier.

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February, 2004

  • 23 February

    Airport broke night flight rules

    Manston airport has been fined £52,000 by Thanet Council for operating night flights that break an environmental agreement. The Section 106 clause specifies that no flights can take off from the airport between 11pm and 07am, but it does allow for a maximum of 12 humanitarian, mercy or emergency flights by relief organisations during any calendar year between those times. …

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  • 3 February

    2004 Pier Report: CCC announces kick-off

    Pier study consultants appointed

    [Feb 2004] Consultants have been appointed by the city council to carry out a feasibility study into the rebuilding of Herne Bay pier. PMP Consultants, a specialist leisure consultancy firm, have been selected from the three high quality tenders the city council received. The council will be meeting with the company next week to discuss the study in detail and agree its timescale.

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January, 2003

  • 14 January

    Manston “overlooked” by airport planners

    Airport planners have been accused of using out of date facts to ground Manston's chances of easing the looming capacity crisis. They dismissed Thanet's aviation jewel in a couple of paragraphs in the SERAS report that included a controversial airport at Cliffe marshes in a list of options.

    But Wiggins Group has told the Government that its advisers overlooked the huge potential of Manston. In its official response to an inquiry into the future development of air transport, Wiggins said the consultants only visited the airport in 1999. Wiggins claimed they took no account of the expert study by Arthur D Little in 2001 suggesting that Manston had the potential to grow into a "sizeable" airport.

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August, 2002

  • 1 August

    It’s your choice, Manston told

    Manston Airport has taken a step into the big league by unveiling an £8 million apron and taxiway. Aviation minister David Jamieson officially opened the 10 acres of concrete by cutting a ceremonial ribbon. The new facility can take more and larger aircraft under a master plan that could see £150 million invested in the Thanet airport, including a new terminal and fast rail links with London over the next 10 years.

    These plans could see jobs rise from 400 to 6,000, and passenger numbers soar to thee million within five years. Talks are already well advanced with low-cost airlines to operate scheduled services and a deal could be finalised by the end of the year.

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July, 2002

  • 1 July

    The bay’s information services get a boost

    Information services for Herne Bay's visitors and residents were improved last week when the town's two visitor information centres combined into one, at the Bandstand. By closing the William Street centre and concentrating its resources on one centre, at the Bandstand, the city council can provide a much higher standard of service.

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March, 2002

  • 12 March

    Manston not told of rival airport

    Airport chiefs insist that plans for Manston will not be deflected by speculation about a new airport on north Kent marshland. Bosses at Wiggins Group, owners of London Manston, were surprised when they learned about the leaked proposal to develop Cliffe marshes, a unique wildlife site. According to company sources, they were not consulted about the possibility of a rival …

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  • 8 March

    Storm gathers over airport leak

    Council chiefs are demanding urgent talks with ministers after reports that the Government is considering building a new airport for London on the north Kent marshes near Cliffe. According to a report in the Financial Times, Transport Secretary Stephen Byers is weighing up the idea of an airport at Cliffe and the Isle of Grain to cope with additional air traffic over the next 20 years. The leaders of both Medway and Kent County Council are furious at the prospect.

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January, 2000

  • 1 January

    Manston: Timeline

    1915 Early war planes start to use the open fields at Manston in preference to the cliff-side airstrip at St Mildred’s Bay. 1916 Two distinct units stationed at Manston, the Operational War Flight Command and the Handley Page Training School. 1917 The Royal Flying Corps was well established and taking an active part in the defence of England. 1939-45 Manston was heavily …

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  • 1 January

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November, -0001

  • 30 November

    Have your say on the Council’s system of governance…

    They’re asking your opinion. They want to know what you think. Tell them. The Commission NEEDS to hear from as many organisations and residents with views on governance as possible. The online questionnaire is largely a tick box exercise which can be frustratingly restrictive in places, but there’s space enough for comments. (The last question leaves some room to raise …

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  • 30 November

    The end of the beginning…

    The final meeting of the Governance Commission took place on 10th November – many thanks to all of you came. There was full opportunity for members of the public to contribute to the discussion on the form the new system should take, and the formulation of the Report which will go to Council on 27th November. Chris Gay as Chair …

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  • 30 November

    Final report to Council

    Plenty of toil and sweat, a few tears (but remarkably little blood). Add some generous helpings of good will, imagination and compromise, and a sprinkling of courage, and hey presto! We have a report from the Governance Commission outlining its recommendations to full Council. Enjoy. GovComm 2014-11-10 Public Reports Pack by HerneBayMatters

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