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Hands off bylaw

I REMEMBER the cycling debate that filled the Times letters pages kast summer. Contrary to what Amanda Collier insists (’The prom is for all”, ‘Your views, Herne Bay Times, March 11), no local residents wrote in claiming all cyclists were reckless. What those opposed to cycling on the prom were saying was that antisocial cyclists, le yobs on bikes, were riding furiously in this area and putting pedestrians – including mothers with pushchairs and senior citizens — in very real danger of serious injury. If the council do scrap this sensible bylaw prohibiting cyclists from using the prom, then what little protection walkers have will have been inconsiderately removed. If all cyclists were courteous and conscientious, then Amanda Collier would
be correct to support the imminent abolition of this bylaw. In reality, our pedestrian areas have been taken over by a substantial minority of selfish bike-racing gangs who routinely harass and frighten vulnerable pedestrians by weaving around them at speed in extremely high risk fashion. For this
reason, the bylaw should remain intact.

Clive Wilkins-Oppler
Artillery Street, Canterbury

Herne Bay Times, March 18th 2010

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