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Hairdresser Kevin Almond killed in motorbike crash

 Apopular hairdresser who has been in business in Herne Bay for more than 30 years has died. Kevin Almond, who ran Nutcutters in Bank Street, did not survive a horrific motorbike crash on Sunday morning on the A20.

His distraught wife Kay, who runs Wisteria Lodge holistic therapy centre, broke the news to his friends and customers that afternoon. Writing on Facebook, she said:

“Today the love of my life has gone forever. Kevin Almond had a fatal motorbike accident this morning and mine and our children’s lives have been changed forever. I don’t know how we are going to live without him. It took us so long to find each other and now I’ve lost him forever.”

[pullquote]“Every day there is at least one person or one haircut that makes it worthwhile. Of course sometimes it’s a production line, but at least once a day someone leaves and I think, That was a good haircut!

I’m not quite as frantic as I was before, because of my young son, but I still try to work hard – I was brought up in a family of seven and we all knew the value of that.”[/pullquote]

Mr Almond was well known in the town for his sense of humour and Christmas countdown, which appeared on his shop months before the big day. He was a keen supporter of town businesses and events and had performed countless charity haircuts. He also walked the Inca trail to Machu Picchu and raised £7,000 for Kent Kids Miles of Smiles.

Among his most memorable hair cuts were a Ghostbusters logo shaved into a customer’s head and a pool table complete with pool balls glued on top. Mr Almond was featured as a My Herne Bay in this newspaper when he celebrated his 30th anniversary in the town and said he still loved the job.

Mr Almond had four children from a previous relationship and he and Kay had four between them living at home. Kay had been a customer of his as a child and the family were friends and they met up when she was 28 and fell in love.

HB Times 14th Sep 2014

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