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Hair today, wig tomorrow for young Olivia

Ten inches to go off fund-raiser’s locks
OLIVIA Lee from Herne Bay is planning to donate her hair to a charity that creates wigs for children with cancer and is now asking for your help to raise money for another wig. The six-year-old girl has decided to cut ten inches of her hair and donate it to the Little Princess Trust and inspire others to donate money. She will visit the hairdressers in February but is already excited about helping other children. She said:

“I hope a little girl feels special having my hair”

The idea to give her hair to charity came after a visit to the homeless shelters in Canterbury.


Her mother, Sarah Pimbley, said:

“A couple of weeks ago we were walking in Canterbury and I took her to see homeless people. I told her how some people are not as lucky as she is. She then said she needs to have her hair cut and I told her that some children are not as lucky as she is to have hair. I said we could donate her hair and she said it was a good idea.”

• A page has been set up to donate money for the cause. Visit www.justgiving.com/SarahTrinder1 to donate.

Herne Bay Times, January 21st 2015