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Government pledges help to see Manston reopened

Robert Goodwill MP
Robert Goodwill MP

A minister today told representatives of investment firm RiverOak the government “would leave no stone unturned” in order to help find a way to “rescue” Manston airport.

At a meeting of the Transport Select Committee, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport, Robert Goodwill MP, said prime minister David Cameron took a “keen interest” in the future of the airport. He said the Government would work with the Civil Aviation Authority to ensure Manston had a licence to operate and was “very optimistic.”

Mr Goodwill told Stephen DeNardo, chief executive officer of RiverOak that the Government “are keen to leave no stone unturned to facilitate any rescue that could take place”. RiverOak has put its faith in Thanet council making a Compulsory Purchase Order for the airport. The company plans to run the airport as a freight hub, with some aircraft recycling at the site. Mr DeNardo said:
“As the minister acknowledged, freight traffic is growing and there is a very good case to have a point to point freight hub at Manston. We have identified the perishables market as being a successful way to operate and grow Manston. We thank the Department for Transport for its support and urge it to conclude its review of our business case as soon as possible to help ensure we have the best possible chance to reopen Manston Airport as quickly as we can.”

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