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General Election 2015: How can you register to vote before…

The deadline to register to vote is midnight tonight

The deadline to make sure you can vote in next month’s General Election is midnight tonight (Monday).

You need to register with your local authority in order to attend the polls on May 7 and have your say in who runs the country. Registering can be done online at https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote where you can update your details on the electoral register.

You cannot vote in the General Election if you have not registered.

It is thought that millions of potential voters might miss out after a change in the system, which means individuals must register themselves.

Previously, the head of the household used to register the entire family, but this is now not the case and people must register themselves.

Once the correct details are registered on the system, your details will be sent to your local authority for confirmation. You will then receive a polling card, which tells you where you must go to vote.

When can you vote?

– If you are over 18 or over on polling day

– If you are a UK citizen, Commonwealth citizen or a citizen of the Irish Republic

– If you are not legally excluded from voting (eg. because you’re in prison)

When can’t you vote?

– If you are under 18

– If you are a member of the House of Lords

– If you are a European Union citizen (and not also a UK, Irish or Commonwealth citizen)

– If you are in prison (apart from remand prisoners)

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