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Garage owner Mick Hearn badly injured after crashing treasured car

Mick Hearn was seriously hurt in the crash

A popular mechanic remains in a critical condition after a freak accident outside his garage left him in intensive care.

Chapel Autos boss Mick Hearn, 75, was rushed to hospital with multiple injuries, including broken ribs, a broken back and damage to his heart.

The grandfather-of-four crashed his classic 1961 Chevrolet Impala in Charles Street, Herne Bay, on Sunday afternoon, just moments after he had been speaking with customers.

His son Spencer Hearn, 39, said he had been transferred to King’s College Hospital in London, where he is on a life support machine, but said to be stable. He said:

“We don’t know why the accident happened. Some of his friends saw him moments before and said he was jolly and waved to them. They walked around the corner then the accident happened. Doctors have done tests, but he has not been ill, he has been in good health and working every day. What the cause is we really can’t tell.”

Charles Street resident Billy Bowman, 33, heard the crash outside his flat and saw fire crews freeing Mr Hearn from the car. He said:

“It was a massive bang and the whole flat was shaking. The ambulance and emergency crews were there in no time and were checking his condition. I normally see Mick outside on a Saturday working on a car out at the front. Lots of people have been talking about it, and we all hope he gets better.”

Spencer said his father regained consciousness on Tuesday. He was coherent and able to recognise his son. He added:

“He is a real pillar of the community. Everyone has been absolutely shocked at what has happened. It’s a mystery what has occurred. His grandkids absolutely dote on him. The nurses have been amazed that someone his age has been able to stand that impact and how he has made it this far.

The car he owned was the one classic car he wanted to keep for the future. It is well known throughout the country for being rare. Dad had kept it as a family heirloom and has worked on it for 30 years. It is a write-off, but I intend to launch a campaign to get it rebuilt. I’m going to start a search for parts in America and Sweden.”

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