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Gale: veering and backing

Put to one side for a minute the fact that RiverOak don’t have hundreds of millions to pay out in compensation; the fact that TDC have yet to negotiate with the owners; and the fact that it is demonstrably not in the public interest to support a cargo airport with huge negative consequences for its neighbours and just 39 jobs, when the alternative from the owners plans for thousands of jobs. What about that well-known phenomenon observed with some political candidates of “say one thing before the election then do the opposite after the election?

Roger Gale
Sir Roger Gale MP

As a prime example of this, we have Sir Roger’s sharp 180° about turn on night flights before and after the last election. On 4th February 2009, Roger Gale wrote:

“…my own constituents living in the Thanet villages and Herne Bay on the flight paths have a right to due consideration and to the greatest achievable protection from noise and disturbance that is achievable and compatible with the lawful use of the airfield. That is why, for instance, I have again consistently opposed any extension of night flying at Manston….”

Before the general election, No Night Flights wrote to Roger Gale asking him where he stood on the issue of introducing scheduled night flights at Manston. Mr. Gale wrote back saying:

“I have never supported night flights from Manston and do not propose to do so. Indeed far from promoting that cause we negotiated…the restriction limiting the flying hours after darkness.”

At the same time, Thanet’s leading blogger, East Cliff Richard, asked would-be MPs before the election whether they supported night flights. Mr. Gale said that he did not. That clear answer was recorded on East Cliff Richard’s blog shortly before the election and read by thousands of people in the constituency.

Once the votes are safely in the bag, Roger Gale suddenly became in favour of night flights. Not only did he gaily chuck his pre-election commitment in the bin, he also started to vilify the people he was meant to be representing, calling them “mischievous if not downright dishonest” when they spelled out to the public what the airport’s night flight application meant in terms of flights per night.

So, we have an MP who breaks clear election promises and who criticises the people he is meant to be representing. We have an MP who says it is dishonest to bring accurate numbers into the public domain. Who knows what he’ll say about a CPO after the election?

Courtesy of Manston Pickle

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  1. Kent Resident

    Sir Roger has been shown up in many reports and comments sections to have been very dishonest all through this in what he has said, encouraging and giving false hopes to the airfield supporters is just despicable to say the least. Bringing in his big gun parliamentary friends and ministers and calling for investigative reports at great expense to the public. None of this has done him any good because everybody knows that Manston airfield in public hands was and would continue to be a great failure for Thanet. The only people interested in it are the American group RO that have been trying to buy up other ex-airfields previously to build housing on but have failed to convince anyone they have anything going for them. Have been covering-up their associations to each other to try and fool the authorities.
    Roger is just not working for the bests interests of his constituents but is out on a personal crusade for the benefit of his RO friends. He is discredited by his actions. Anyone voting him back in on May 7th would be quite frankly a bit mad. In fact I am quite surprised that Sir Roger has not been brought in front of the Parliamentary Standards Committee to explain his personal mission and to show the facts of what he states.
    Removing the FREEHOLD of the land from the legal owner (who is putting forward a much better and viable option for the benefit of Thanet and the South-East) and selling it to a foreign company with no viable options at all would be suicide for TDC in the Courts. Whatever Roger’s PWC report shows, nothing is going to bring it back now.

  2. Can anyone explaiin to me why Roger Gale keeps on getting re-elected?. This jumped up Tory has done nothing for Thanet, indeed we have gone backwards in terms of jobs and prosperity and for RG to keep on banging on about Manston is just another one of his election ‘ carrots ‘.
    I cannot think of one thing he has managed to do to benefit anyone but himself anx the sooner this clown leaves the circus, all the better for Thanet.
    Why he wants to back RO is mind boggling maybe he has been promised something in return for his rose tinted support?….I don’t know much about the people who have bought the airport but surely something must be tried to get enterprises in and bring some hope to this part of kent.
    This is a great place to live and the only thing lacking is well paid jobs and I’m hoping that looking forwards ix better than looking back.