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Food banks are a signal for change

THE launch of the Feeding Britain report confirms what many of us have known for some time. The huge rise in the usage of food banks demands immediate and urgent action. It’s not scaremongering; the facts are now plain for all to see.  Time and again at Turn2us we hear from parents forced to forego eating properly to feed their children. These people are trapped. Trapped in a perfect storm of rising food prices and energy costs that outstrip household income. These families have no choice but to approach food banks for help or be swallowed up by debt as they try to support themselves. It’s equally alarming that even being in work is now no guarantee of financial stability.
The report also highlights families in crisis facing benefit delays of up to 13 weeks, which is further compounding the problem. With over a quarter of Britons having no money set aside, people have no choice but to turn to food banks or payday loans to make up their shortfalls. It is more important than ever that people can access fmancial support and advice now. This report must act as a watershed moment. Food banks should not be seen as a cure for the startling problems the most vulnerable face, but the signal that something must change.

Simon Hopkins
Chief executive, Turn2us

Herne Bay Times, December 17th 2014