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Flight path? What flight path?

Some people think that Infratil is the sole driving force in the untidy, unfolding story of night flights. Not so! Thanet District Council has a democratic mandate to represent the Thanetian multitude, and has the last word on night flights. Catch: some councillors may not have heard what they’re voting on.

I can’t help feeling that the further-flung TDC councillors may be wondering what the fuss is about. So many of them live so far from the flight path, I would be surprised if they notice even the 3am bone-rattlers. In the map below, the blue line is the flight path – click it for a closer look:

And the other end of the flight path goes over Herne Bay (as if you hadn’t noticed):

TDC are thinking of applying some kind of post code weighting to the replies to the public consultation – the nearer you live to the flight path, the more your opinion counts for. Maybe they should consider applying the same weighting to their own votes in Council?

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